Can you still get the Dark Arts Pack for Hogwarts Legacy?

Embrace the darkness within.

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Hogwarts Legacy seemingly has an endless source of unique content that fans can discover even after finishing the main story. One particular method in which players enriched their magical journey was through the Dark Arts Pack, which could previously be acquired by pre-ordering either the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Hogwarts Legacy. Since this option is no longer possible, many players are now curious as to whether or not they can still get the Dark Arts Pack for the game. Here’s what we know about its current availability.

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How to get Dark Arts Pack in Hogwarts Legacy

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Yes, you can still get the Dark Arts Pack by purchasing it from the store of your preferred console or platform. No matter what system you play Hogwarts Legacy on, the price for the additional DLC is the same at $19.99.

If you decide to get the Dark Arts Pack, you can expect to receive three different bonuses: a Thestral Mount, the Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, and the Dark Arts Battle Arena. The Cosmetic Set is immediately accessible through your gear inventory at the start of the story. On the other hand, the other two perks can only be accessed at a certain point later on in the game.

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The main attraction of the Dark Arts Pack, however, is the Dark Arts Battle Arena. Located in the Forbidden Forest, this dungeon-like area tasks players with facing five different waves of increasingly powerful enemies. Although the foes you encounter will progressively become stronger, this location’s difficulty is offset by the fact that you can use Unforgivable Curses freely all throughout your skirmishes.