Where to find the Dark Arts Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy

Practice the Dark Arts in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The Dark Arts Battle arena is an exclusive reward for those who purchased the Digitel Deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy. This reward is automatically added to your playthrough of the game, but like the other rewards in this game, they are not properly outlined about how you unlock and redeem them. As a result, the Dark Arts Battle arena is a tricky one to track down. Here’s what you need to know about where to find the Dark Arts Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to unlock the Dark Arts Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy

This location is well hidden. You won’t find it in Hogwarts, but it is nearby this location. You will need to unlock the open world and begin exploring the Forbidden Forest, a dangerous location that not every student from Hogwarts should explore. If you have enough spells and some decent gear, you’ll be ready for the challenge. The location of the Dark Arts Battle Arena is tricky to find, but it is close to the center of the forest, at the East North Hogwarts Region Floo Flames fast travel marker.

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When you arrive at this location, an icon that looks like a tower popping up on your map should appear. Follow this location, and there will be a statue that you can stand next to when you arrive. Stand near it, and an icon on the top right will appear where you must destroy all 10 vases to enter the location. Use the Revelio spell to find them and destroy them using your basic attacks.

This will contain a challenge featuring multiple waves of enemies to fight against. You can return to this location and repeat the challenge.