Can you tame Axolotls in Minecraft?

The answer is a little muddy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Axolotls are beneficial animals in Minecraft. These creatures can provide a player with Regeneration, an ability that will cause a player to recover their health over time. These creatures use this power whenever they’re attacked by something. They’ll feign dead and wait for the creature to leave, and while they’re waiting, an Axolotl will be slowly recovering its health. It’s a helpful feature that makes it a worthwhile animal, but can you tame it?

Unfortunately, it does not look like you can tame an Axolotls. It will accept no type of food from you to gain its trust. The only thing you can do is attach a lead to it or catch it in a watcher bucket. Other than these methods, you cannot control the creature as if it were a wolf. However, you can use a bucket of tropical fish to try breeding it. You can also attach one to your lead and bring it to a caged area of water that you’ve blocked off. These creatures require water. If they’re caught outside of water, they slowly die on land unless it’s raining or there’s a thunderstorm going on.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Axolotls are wonderful creatures, and they’re quite rare. If you’re trying to find one in an underwater cave, you want to make sure you have a water bucket in your inventory or a lead to capture it before it gets away.