Challenger’s Proving V quest guide – Destiny 2

Keep proving your worth.

Destiny 2

Another week means a new Challenger’s Proving quest in Destiny 2. This time it is Challenger’s Proving V, where further mysteries around the Cabal’s plans for Zavala will be revealed.

Step 1. Precious Plunder

Wield the Hammer of Proving to pillage Cabal Gold by completing playlist strikes, Gambit, Crucible, public events, dungeons, Nightmare Hunts, or the Blind Well. The Hammer of Proving permits challenges of honorable combat to be issued, skirting the risk of total war with the Cabal. However, to be recognized as legitimate, it must be socketed with Cabal Gold.

Step 2. Gilded Conquest

Use Cabal Gold to socket a Challenger Medallion into the Hammer of Proving. Once done, you will be ready to issue a challenge. The Hammer of Proving can be found in the Quest tab of the Director.

Step 3. Ransack the Hoard

With your Challenger Medallion socketed, the Hammer of Proving is ready. Challenge a prospective Commander and pillage Caiatl’s Tribute Chest at the end of a Battleground to disrupt their Rite of Proving. The Battlegrounds playlist may be found in the Director under Vanguard missions.

Step 4. Tensions

Address the security breach with Osiris and Crow.

Step 5. Debriefing

Speak with Crow to hear his perspective before leaving

(this guide is under construction)