Black Ops 4: How To Change Outfits And Face Paints In Blackout And Multiplayer

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 gives the players a lot of customizations option for their specialists such as outfits or facial paintings. While costumes are already available in the game, you have to complete Black Market to unlock the War Painting.

Once you have unlocked them, you’re allowed to equip them in your personalization menu. There is two way to change your outfit, one for regular multiplayer and one for Blackout, are you ready to learn both?

How to change outfit on Call of Duty Black Ops 4

How To Change Outfits in Blackout [Black Ops 4]

At the bottom of the main screen in Blackout, you should see two options: Character and Armory.

Selecting Character voice, you can see a new screen with your specialist: some of them needs to be unlocked. Remember that you can change outfits only for the specialist of regular multiplayer version.

From this screen, you can access personalization’s menu of each character pressing Y (on Xbox One version) or Triangle (on PlayStation 4 version).

From the new screen, you can personalize everything: from emote to facial painting.

You can switch between each tab using R1 or RB button. Pretty easy, uh?

How To Change Outfits in Multiplayer [Black Ops 4]

In the regular multiplayer’s modes there is some difference in the method, but only for the first instruction: once you reach the personalization’s menĂ¹ you can proceed as Blackout.

From the main multiplayer menĂ¹, you need to access to Option by pressing the corresponding button on your pad.

From now you can select a particular specialist and personalize everything.

Ok, now you can stop to be a girl and start to shoots everywhere like a real man.