Clicker Simulator value list – The most valuable items

It is going to take a lot of clicks to earn some of these items.

Image via Pressure Studios

If you’re in the mood to give your mouse a workout, Clicker Simulator might be the Roblox game for you. Clicking earns you coins, which can be used to buy items like pet eggs and equipment that increases your clicking speed, which in turn helps you earn more coins. Earning the most valuable items in the game can net you big rewards or even allow you to sell them for major profit on the game’s market. Here is a list of the most valuable items in Clicker Simulator and how much they generally sell for with other players.

The most valuable items and pets in Clicker Simulator – the 30 most valuable items

Currently, the most valuable items in the game are those that were created as part of the game’s leaderboard events. Items like the Top #1 Reward are one-off, making them unique and difficult to find. This unique item is valued at over one million coins but isn’t on the market very often.

Aside from these incredibly rare items, the game’s most valuable items are the pets. These have different values based on if they are a rarer variety. You can get some free pets and boosts by checking for the new codes each month. Some of these items are so rare that they don’t have a set value on the market – owners will set their own price and see if anyone is willing to pay it. These are designated on the below table as Owner’s Choice.

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If you don’t want to wear out your mouse for the sake of a few pets or items, Clicker Simulator also features an auto-click function that can give your wrist a rest. It isn’t quite as fast as clicking normally and it certainly can’t keep up with people who have mastered the art of drag clicking, but it can make your life much easier.

Item/PetBase ValueShiny ValueGolden ValueRainbow Value
Top #1 Reward1,000,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #1 Tech Reward800,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #10 Reward750,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #1 Time Reward700,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #10 Tech Reward600,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #1 Ocean Reward600,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #25 Reward500,000Owner’s ChoiceNot availableNot available
Top #10 Time Reward500,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #25 Tech Reward400,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Top #10 Ocean Reward400,000Not availableNot availableNot available
2022 Time Guardian400,000Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s ChoiceNot available
Top #25 Time Reward350,000Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice
Top #25 Ocean Reward250,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Atlantis Shock140,000400,000Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice
Atlantis Leviathan125,000320,000Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice
20m Portal Guardian90,000195,000Owner’s Choice425,000
Tropical Abyss80,000286,000Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice
Winged Pirate Lord55,000190,000Owner’s ChoiceOwner’s Choice
75M Vortex Fury50,000130,000300,000275,000
50M Terminator36,00074,000160,000143,000
Ultraviolet Spectre27,00060,000135,000110,000
325M Galaxy Empress19,00035,00055,00047,000
100M Furnace18,00037,000120,00095,000
Summer Dinosaur15,00032,00045,00045,000
260M Astrofighter14,00025,00063,00048,000
Demented Jokester13,00030,00055,00040,000
150M Shattered Reality10,00024,00050,00032,000
Summer Equatorial8,00020,00038,00038,000
Corgi of The Sun8,00020,00040,00040,000
Luck of the Irish7,20016,00035,00028,000