CoD DMZ: Operation Nightmare Event & Mastery Rewards Guide

Warzone & DMZ have been turned upside down in the Operation Nightmare, and you can claim Mastery Rewards for taking down eldritch horrors.

Image via Activision.

Warzone and DMZ’s Operation Nightmare is one of the coolest transformations in Call of Duty history. There’s a Diablo IV crossover, a flood of new enemies, and a whole lot of money to be earned along the way. It’s not for the faint of heart though, so don’t expect to walk in and steamroll your way through everything.

If you’re not sure where to get started, you can find everything you need for the event below. There will be minor spoilers ahead, but I’ll try to leave out the best stuff for anyone who wants to jump in and experience it for themselves.

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Warzone & DMZ: Operation Nightmare Map Changes

Image via Activision.

The first big change is obviously that we’re loading into a new Night variant of Al Mazrah, but there’s more to this update than meets the eye.

My favorite part of this event is that Oasis has been completely revamped into an Egyptian burial ground appropriate for the Pharaoh boss that lives within it. This reimagined area adds another level of depth to the spooky proceedings.

Sawah Village has also seen some changes, thanks to the arrival of the artifact that hangs out in the water just beyond the coastline. It’s not quite as shocking as the Oasis change, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

There’s also a nice little Infinite Warfare throwback here in the final stage of the boss fight I think was a perfect touch for the event.

DMZ – Operation Nightmare: All Bosses & Mastery Rewards

All of the Mastery Rewards in Operation Nightmare.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

There are six boss-level NPCs spread around Al Mazrah in both Warzone and DMZ. They’re spread around the map, each marked with their own little sign. Diablo’s big man, The Butcher, is the main attraction here, but the other four are formidable in their own right.

Each Boss (other than the Pharoah) has a signature reward that will let you know you’ve completed their part of the Mastery quest chain, so don’t give up on them until you’re confident that you’ve squeezed out all of the juice that they’re offering.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

If you need to check your progress, you can do that from the pre-game lobby under The Haunting tab.

Be aware that completing all of the necessary steps is much harder in Warzone, and the added benefit of keeping all the money you earn from it in DMZ is the far more attractive option.

All DMZ Boss Locations – Complete Mastery Rewards in The Haunting

Screenshot by Gamepur.

The Butcher can pop up in a few different places, with the others locked into their particular locations. You can find all these locations below.

Operation Nightmare Boss NameLocation
The ButcherAl Mazrah City, Cemetery, Zayah Observatory, Zarqwa Hydroelectric
Swamp CreatureMawizeh Marshlands
UFOSaweh Village
Ghost TrainAl Mazrah Train Route

Remember to grab a full squad and stock up on ammo and equipment before attempting these challenges. The Butcher and The Pharaoh are particularly difficult fights, and attempting it yourself would be appropriately hellish. Collecting all of the rewards is absolutely worth it though, so I highly recommend you get in there and take them down when you can.

We’ve got plenty of guides on The Haunting, so if you’re trying to get a feel for everything there is to do, take a look at our season breakdown.