How To Turn Off The Haunting Jump Scares in CoD: Warzone 2

CoD: Warzone 2 players have been facing jumpscares during The Haunting event, but it can be switched off in certain parts of the game.

It's Fright Night season in Warzone 2 and the Operators are clearing out Al Mazrah and Vondead.

Image via Activiison.

Warzone 2.0 is a frightening place to play right now thanks to The Haunting being underway. Not only have the maps and modes been reworked to fit the spooky vibes appropriate for October, but the classic Jump Scare interaction is also back.

This special animation can happen anywhere from the Battle Pass down to supply boxes, so your guard has to be up at all times while you play. While this can be a fun addition for some players, others may not appreciate being surprised while they are attempting to play Warzone 2.

While there’s no way to completely remove them, you can turn some jump scares off during The Haunting.

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Warzone 2: How to Turn Off Jump Scares in The Haunting

The Haunting's Jumpscare warning.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

When you first load up The Haunting and switch over to the Battle Pass screen, the game issues a prompt to warn you about the big change. You’ll notice there is a way to turn off the jumpscares, but that it’s only effective for the Battle Pass.

If you want to turn Jump Scares off, select the “No Tricks, Just Treats” option from the game’s menu. Don’t panic if you’ve decided to keep them on though. You can adjust your decision at any time from the BP menu. Just look for the little box at the top left-hand side of your screen. There will be an option to click or a button press that allows you to toggle them off.

Again, this won’t fix the supply crate jump scares on Al Mazrah or Vondel (Vondead), but it will give you a brief reprieve from the constant attack on your senses while you explore the seasonal rewards.

Will Warzone 2.0’s Jump Scares Be Nerfed?

Image via Activision.

As of October 18, the Warzone developers have already issued one change to reduce the number of Jump Scares that trigger during each game. Players were getting overwhelmed by them on the first day of The Haunting, so it felt like the right choice in terms of longevity.

Still, players from around the internet are reporting that it’s causing them discomfort, so further changes could be on the horizon. The best way to know what’s going down is to regularly check back in on our Call of Duty coverage, or monitor it yourself from the official Warzone Trello board.

For anyone still braving the more sinister versions of Battle Royale and Resurgence, take a look at all of the rewards you can earn from the accompanying Soul Capture event. There are some nifty things in there and you don’t have to pay a dime to access any of it.