CoD Warzone: How to Siphon Gas Out of a Vehicle in DMZ

Need to get that pesky Fuel Shortage DMZ mission out of the way and refuel your ride? Siphoning Gas is easier than it sounds.

Image via Activison

Warzone’s DMZ mode may not scratch the same itch as more intense Extraction shooters like Tarkov, but it’s still a worthy addition to Call of Duty’s signature Battle Royale. Driving around Al Mazrah or the Resurgence maps and taking down enemies so you can steal all their goodies and get out of Dodge continues to be a fun way to kill time when you’re not in the mood to sweat it out in the more action-packed playlists.

It’s not quite as easy to understand though, and with missions like Fuel Shortage asking players to siphon gas out of vehicles, there’s no shortage of ways to get stuck on something you don’t quite understand. Thankfully, checking that particular objective off the list isn’t too hard at all.

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DMZ Gas Can Locations – Warzone 2.0

The MRAP is an armored cargo truck with a ton of enhancements.
Image via Activision

Siphoning gas in DMZ is a pretty painless process, but it requires you to find a few things to make it work. The two key elements are a Gas Can and an uninhabited vehicle. Gas Cans are located all around the map, with fittingly high spawn rates at Gas Stations, and can be stored in your backpack until you find a drivable machine to use them on. Some of the aquatic vehicles will count for this as well, so keep an eye out for one of those if you spawn closer to the shore.

Siphon Gas for DMZ Fuel Shortage Mission

Fuel Shortage is one of the more frustrating DMZ quests if you don't know where in the Warzone you should go.
Screengrab by Gamepur.

When you’ve got both pieces together, get in the car and then open up your backpack and equip that Can you hunted down earlier. There will be an on-screen prompt to start draining the gas. For PlayStation and Xbox players, this is typically R3/RS. PC Players will have to take a look at the button prompt or check out their personal keybinds.

Gas Cans spawn all over Al Mazrah and the other DMZ maps, especially at Gas Station shelves.
Screengrab by Gamepur.

If you’re doing the Fuel Shortage mission you may need to equip the Gas Can afterward and refuel the same vehicle with it, but that’ll take care of it and you’ll be free to keep stalking your prey until you’re ready for Exfil.