Code Vein – Statue of the Goddess Location

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Code Vein is an exciting combination of anime tropes and Soulsborne inspired gameplay, and it does provide players with a fun time if they can embrace lots of the silliness on display. It can be a little light on directions, however. Early in the game, after beating the Butterfly of Delirium, you will need to try and find the statue of the Goddess.

There is a chance you will have already passed the Statue while you were exploring the game, but if not, we will tell you how to get there.

Code Vein – Statue of the Goddess Location

To get to the Statue of the Goddess, head for the nearest Mistle point. Select the Ruined City Center, and then the Park Ruins. After you spawn in you will notice a ladder very close to you, on a ledge to your right. Head down the ladder and follow the path to find the Statue of the Goddess.

Once you interact with it, a new ladder will drop down, allowing you to proceed with the story. The ladder will take you to the Cathedral of Sacred Blood. Make sure you are fully stocked up on everything you need and then get to explore.

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