Code Vein’s DLC Hellfire Knight appears on the Microsoft Store with a Jan. 29 release date

Revenants better be ready for another journey into the depths.

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Image via Bandai Namco

Code Vein’s first of three DLCs appeared on the Microsoft Store, and it seems to release much sooner than expected.

The vampiric world of Code Vein is coming back with some new DLCs. First announced in November, the game will have three total DLCs. That was the only news on the subject until today. The first DLC titled Hellfire Knight appeared on the Microsoft Store with Jan. 29 as the release date.

The game’s official Twitter account announced the upcoming DLCs in November. There are three planned DLCs for the game with new bosses, story, and customizations. The original post was intended to advertise the Code Vein’s season pass, which will purchase all DLCs. In the Tweet, the DLCs were scheduled for “early 2020.”

Those at Reset Era noticed that the first DLC quietly appeared on the Microsoft Store and is already available on the Australian Microsoft Store. The DLC is titled Hellfire Knight and promises “new powerful foes” as well as new Blood Veils, blood codes, and costumes. According to the listing, it will release Jan. 29. 

The listing’s appearance is a surprise. Bandai Namco hasn’t addressed the listing or announced a date. The listing is the first update from the game since the original announcement on Twitter. The short notice release brought excitement to the Reddit thread. While it’s a surprise, fans are just glad to have the DLC.

What awaits in the new depths of this DLC is unknown. Beyond this appearance on the Microsoft Store, nothing is known about the DLC. If Microsoft’s listing is accurate, it looks like it will release tomorrow, so fans better be ready for another blood-soaked adventure.