Blood Will Spill in 3 New Code Vein DLC Packs, Out Early 2020

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Code Vein will be expanded with three DLC packs coming in early 2020, according to a tweet from Bandai Namco. All three pieces of DLC will be included in the game’s Season Pass.

Details on exactly what players will find in the new DLC packs haven’t been released, but Bandai Namco did reveal what to expect in general. According to the company’s tweet, the DLC will bring new bosses, levels, NPC costumes, and customization options, and expand on the game’s story.

It’s also not clear exactly when the new content for Code Vein will drop, but with three pieces of DLC coming in early 2020, there likely won’t be much of a delay between each individual release.

If the base game is any indication, players should prepare for a challenge when they square off against the DLC’s new bosses. Code Vein takes more than a few cues from the Dark Souls formula, including its notorious difficulty.

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On top of the game’s paid DLC, Code Vein will be receiving a free update in December. Unfortunately, like with the DLC, Bandai Namco is keeping exactly what that update will bring under wraps for now. However, if it follows the pattern of previous patches, the December update could bring some fairly significant changes to the game, aside from the expected tweaks and bug fixes. For instance, Code Vein’s October update, which came just a few weeks after the game’s release, added several Halloween-themed character creation options, such as new face paints and accessories. Given that, a set of holiday or winter-themed accessories probably isn’t out of the question in December’s content update.

Code Vein’s Season Pass, which will include all three early 2020 DLC packs, is available now for $24.99.