Code Vein – Where To Go After Beating The Insatiable Despot

The Insatiable Despot is a pretty early boss fight in Code Vein. After you beat him, the game is a little unwilling to tell you where you need to go next. Thankfully, in this guide, we will tell you exactly where to go.

Code Vein – Where To After Beating The Insatiable Despot

Ruined City Center Map

After you beat the Insatiable Despot, you need to get to the Howling Pits. To to do this, head to the nearest Mistle, then select Ruined City Center as a destination. From the list of Mistles, you want to choose Parking Garage.

When you spawn at the Parking Garage, drop down the ladder to the street and then head to the right. Take out the enemies and the dogs, then follow to the left. From when you come to the next crossroads, go left again, then left at the end of that street.

You can see the route you need to follow marked on the map above in red lines, with the red rectangle showing your desired destination. When you get there you will find a huge chasm you will need to drop down. Carefully drop from ledge to ledge, or take advantage of your companion being with you and drop to the bottom. You will die, but they will revive you.

When you get to the bottom follow the route to the Howling Pits. This path is a particularly dangerous area, filled with large enemies and tough terrain. So make sure you are well stocked up and explore every inch of it to find all the items and Mistles.