The best tanks in World of Tanks

If you are looking for the best tanks in World of Tanks, we’ve got you covered!


There is a reason that Wargaming’s World of Tanks has become a steadily popular multiplayer game beyond it just being free: the game offers a deep and extensive experience for players to enjoy.

It is full of numerous kinds of tanks, each with their own upgrades and progression, and levels to work up to unlock bigger and better tanks. However, because of how big this game is, it can be rather overwhelming for new players who are just trying to figure out the best way to play the game.

But fear not, new players, or even old players, we are here to help with our list of the best tanks in the game. These tanks we have here will serve you incredibly well to help your team get that victory.

Best Tanks in World of Tanks

First, a brief breakdown of how this ranking works: you’ll notice that we have the tanks broken down into tiers. Tiers are, essentially, the levels or leagues in the game. You start out at Tier 1 and work your way up to Tier X. So, because of that, we have broken it down into the best tanks for each tier.

The qualification for why each tank is the best is which tanks have the best win rate among the community. Of course, some players will use a tank that they can best play with, but that doesn’t mean they are a benefit to their team. This is about which tanks are the best for getting your team the victory.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the list:

Tier I – Leichttraktor

When you’re starting out in the game, the Leichttraktor has the best gun among the Tier 1 tanks, so it’s the easy choice. Further, the tank’s view range is the best of Tier 1 (30 more than any other tank, in fact), and the mobility is solid. The armor isn’t the best, but it can bounce off a few stray shells. Despite its deficit with armor, it is the best option to go for in Tier 1.

Tier II — Renault R35


This tank features some of the best, all-around armor. The only real weak spot for the vehicle in the butt, and even that is still 32mm thick, which is more than most Tier 2 tanks have in the front. The gun has solid penetration – though it won’t be able to penetrate another R35 from the front – as well as good depression and elevation values. Its biggest weaknesses are its low mobility and DPM, both of which aren’t great. But it is still the best tank you can use when playing in Tier 2.

Tier III – Cruiser III

The Cruiser III is a tough tank to master. It turns slowly, cannot stand up to much punishment, and cannot really compete with the fastest tanks in the game. What it can do, and it does it well, is kill just about anything else in the same Tier with ease. As such, the Cruiser III is highly rewarding for players who are patient and excel at safe positioning before revealing themselves to take their shots while the enemy is distracted.

Tier IV – Matilda


The Matilda’s armor is insane, especially for a Tier IV tank. Its armor is comparable to the KV 1, which is one of the best-armored tanks in Tier V. Combine with that the fact that it’s got arguably the best gun of any medium tank in Tier IV, and the Matilda can absolutely demolish the battlefield. The mobility of this tank isn’t great, so any enemy’s best bet is to run. But if you can use positioning to your advantage, you can shred just about anyone with this monster.

Tier V – AT 2

Despite the massive nerf that was given to this tank’s armor, it can still hold its own incredibly well. The HP pool is really good, and its 6-pounder gun can do a good amount of damage to other tanks. As with most of the other tanks on this list, the mobility isn’t great, and it’s all about its strong armor and decent firepower. Again, positioning and strategy can make all the difference for this tank.

Tier VI – KV-2


Now, this tank doesn’t have the best armor, and a very long reload time between shots, but there is a reason that this tank is such a favorite among the game’s community: its 152mm gun. This gun can one-shot most tanks up to Tier VI, and even some in Tier VII. Just seeing this tank on the battlefield can cause enemies to panic, trying to avoid being hit with the monstrous gun on this thing.

Tier VII – AMX 13 75

The AMX 13 75 is a small tank that excels on the edges of pitched battles. A solid early game scout, it seamlessly transitions into a solid flanker when the battle lines have been drawn. The important thing to understand about the AMX 13 75 is that it will never win a head one fight, but it is a superb option for getting extra damage where it needs to be in support of other friendly units.

Tier VIII – Emil I


This gun is excellent is when using its 12-degrees of gun depression, solid gun with good DPM, and its standard armor can reach up to 315mm, although its sides are very thin. Its mobility is good enough that you can get anywhere in the battlefield, no problem. This vehicle is an absolute monster on a ridgeline, able to deal out good damage and take some hits too.

Tier IX – AMX M4 mle. 51

This tank really is just an all-around great package. It has a great 120mm gun, very good frontal armor, and good mobility. From the very beginning, this tank is excellent to play, and it’s only downside is that its upgrades lead to a not-so-great AMX M4 mle. 54. It just isn’t a very good upgrade, but that doesn’t stop the AMX M4 mle. 51 from being the best Tier IX tank in the game.

Tier X – Object 268 Version 4


Even after being nerfed, this is thought of as the most overpowered tank in the game. All that the nerf really did was lower the gun to slightly mediocre, but even that isn’t that bad of a deal. This is especially so when combined with nearly-impenetrable, great mobility, and really only one weakness in its thin, upper, front deck. It is a cause of many players’ grief and frustration. You see this beast rolling up, you’re in for a rough time.

World of Tanks is full of tanks for you to try out, and we encourage you to go beyond this list and experiment to find what works for you. But if you’re looking for a little help, these tanks are all great options to help get you on track to winning.