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Cookie Clicker Bakery Name Cheat: How to Use

We won't tell anyone how you got all of those cookies.

Cookie Clicker is a wildly popular incremental game all about making cookies. This idle game will have you clicking on the screen as your bakery pumps out a staggering amount of delicious digital baked goods, all while you slowly go deeper into the hole that Cookie Clicker has to offer. If you’re not feeling like playing the game the ‘normal’ way, other methods can see you excel in making cookies.

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The developers have created a set of tools that players can access, which will let you cheat your way to having more cookies than you’ll know what to do with. Here is what you need to know about accessing the Cookie Clicker debug menu using the name cheat.

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How to Access the Cookie Clicker Cheat Menu

To gain access to the dev tools in Cookie Clicker, you’ll need to do the following once you’re on the Cookie Clicker website*Note* You should backup your save file from the Options menu before doing this, as it’s not the recommended way to play Cookie Clicker and can limit certain things on your account.

  • Click on the Bakery name in the top left corner of the screen. This is located above the giant cookie. 
  • In the Name Field, type in the name of your bakery, and then add saysopensesame at the end. Select the Confirm button.
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A new icon will appear in the top left corner that shows a green cookie. When you hover over this, a list of buttons will appear that will let you make changes to the game — including providing you with all of the upgrades, toggling Frenzy mode, and of course, giving you a whole lot of cookies. At this point, you should also receive a new shadow achievement called Cheated cookies taste awful. Now you’re free to mess around with all of the options available to you and break the game however you want.

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