How to get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker

Sugar Lumps give you one more thing to click on in Cookie Clicker.

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Sugar Lumps are a type of currency in Cookie Clicker that only become active once you bake at least one billion cookies in total. Used to upgrade the efficiency of cookie-producing buildings, unlock late-game facilities, and operate spell effects, these lumps are worth stockpiling in large numbers. Despite the slow rate of Sugar Lump production, earning more lumps is very easy to do.

Growing Sugar Lumps

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After earning your first billion cookies, you will notice a small, seed-like white circle appear on your interface, directly beneath the Stats button. This is your Sugar Lump “plant,” which will gradually grow new lumps. These lumps can be harvested once either mature or ripe, producing different results.

A mature Sugar Lump can be harvested by clicking it, however harvesting at a mature state yields only a 50% chance to actually give you a lump. You can retry a failed harvest an infinite amount of times by refreshing Cookie Clicker’s browser tab, as long as the game hasn’t been saved after the harvest. On the other hand, a ripened lump will fall to the bottom of the screen and collect itself, doing so at a 100% success rate.

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Sugar Lumps come in five different types, with each bearing different values, appearances, and special effects. For example, where a Normal Sugar Lump will give one lump when harvested, a Bifurcated Sugar Lump has a 50% chance to give two, Caramelized Sugar Lumps can give up to three, and Golden Sugar Lumps can give anywhere from two to seven while doubling your current amount of cookies. Excluding the Meaty Sugar Lump, which can only appear during the Grandmapocalypse, the spawn chances of the remaining four lumps are determined by luck.

Saying that these lumps grow gradually is quite the understatement. From a freshly “planted” Sugar Lump, it takes around 20 real-world hours for a lump to mature, or 43 hours to ripen. This growth will happen throughout the day, even while the game is closed.