10 Creepiest Video Game Villains of All Time

It’s that time of year again! As if playing these games weren’t creepy enough, now there’s a whole ranking system based on these creepy foes.

Image via Konami

There isn’t the best way to come up with a ranking when it comes to creepiness. Many folks like straightforward violence with their scary characters, and though that works in most instances, in this case, we want to unsettle you with the most notoriously creepy offenders out there. It takes a lot of courage to look at what’s underneath the surface, so expect some deep and psychological candidates for the villains that have made it on the list. That’s the best kind of creepy, right?

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10. Alma (F.E.A.R.)

Image via FEAR Wiki

Alma is an iconic figure among her creepy colleagues based on her unsettling design alone, thanks to her childish appearance and long black hair. For those who have played the game, we know that this vengeful wraith is quite natural and deadlier than she looks. Her appearance has aged with each entry; in every case, she’s creepier than the last. This is unfortunate, as her origin and end are pretty the tearjerkers once you learn her story and purpose.

9. Mr X (Resident Evil 2)

Image via Resident Evil Wiki

Mr. X is a character that took the gaming world by storm in his debut in 1998’s Resident Evil 2. There was always something creepy about his sudden appearance in Raccoon City’s police station. His lack of speaking lines or human emotion made things all the more unsettling. Something so cold and distant that also has the ability to follow you around unabated is not a pleasant feeling in the slightest.

8. Working Joe (Alien: Isolation)

Image via Alien Isolation wiki

The Working Joe in Alien: Isolation isn’t your ordinary working machine. He’s a bit on the overzealous side, and that can cause him to handle his duties a bit too enthusiastically. There’s nothing wrong with doing your job to the best of your abilities, but when it comes to harming others, that’s when things get sketchy. Thankfully, they’re not the only thing that’ll keep Amanda, the main heroine, up at night, but the fact that they’re constantly watching you is not what the average person is used to in these tight situations.

7. Marguerite Baker (Resident Evil 7)

Image via Capcom

There’s something to be said for a kindly older mom who has been contorted and twisted into an evil version of her once-endearing self. With that in mind, it’s a hard task to outdo the psychos that live in the same house as you, but somehow, the character that is Marguerite Baker is somehow the most disturbing character you’ll come across on the Baker’s property. To add to her creepiness is the fact that she has a whole colony of different insects living inside her body. And don’t let us get started on the wretchedness of what’s hidden underneath her rotting attire.

6. Lady Beneviento (Resident Evil Village)

Image via Capcom

When someone is trying hard not to speak to you directly in the real world, that’s usually a sign of shyness or disinterest, but that’s not the case here. For Lady Beneviento, it’s that she’s choosing to do so through one of her creepy dolls. If that’s not disturbing to you, then consider the fact that she still has the brain of an adolescent child. Maybe she should try texting instead.

5. Claudia Wolf (Silent Hill 3)

Image via Konami

Claudia had a tough task ahead of her when it came to measuring up to the rest of the creepy villains in Silent Hill lore. Dahlia and Pyramid Head are both iconic characters that carried their respective games, and topping them would be almost impossible from a recognition standpoint. With that said the young leader of the Order is very disturbing in her own right, with her eyebrowless expressions masking her dark emotions and plain religious-esque garb, which makes her seem otherworldly compared to the other characters in the game. These things would be okay on their own if you didn’t take in the fact that she believes she’s the good guy in a situation that encourages forced impregnation and sacrifice.

4. Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

Image via Konami

In any other horror list, Walter Sullivan would be the top dog in terms of creep factor, with his scary appearance and soft, disarming voice. He has the most tragic backstory, even among the majority of the characters on this list, and the effect it had on his current self is traumatizing to those who piece it together. One of the creepiest things about his actions is that he’s even willing to do murderous things to himself. You have to at least admire his dedication.

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3. Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil Remake)

Image via Capcom

Let me start by saying Lisa Trevor is not a real villain. She wouldn’t be classified as a hero either, as her mind has long been turned to mush by the experiments that’s been done to her. Still, the first time you hear her moaning behind the bars underneath the stairs is one of the most haunting experiences in gaming. The anticipation of putting a face to that voice was one of the creepiest things in the Resident Evil series.

2. The Moon (Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Image via Nintendo

It’s ironic that a Nintendo game would make it this high on the list, seeing as though they primarily deal in more lighthearted titles. But in this case, the moon was probably the singular most disturbing thing in the history of gaming for a while. What’s even more alarming is when you learn that it’s creeping ever closer to you, to the point that you see the angry facial expression it makes as it tries to eliminate everyone ever so slowly. Gamers usually don’t appreciate timers when interacting with RPGs, but this is one of those cases where many wanted to get the game over with immediately, if anything, to get rid of its ugly mug.

1. Lisa (P.T.)

Image via YouTube

Have you ever had a bad nightmare that stuck with you for a while, even after the many dreams you’ve had since? Well, that’s how gamers felt after meeting Lisa from the legendary P.T. demo. She managed to clear every trope hurdle with constant breathing, random appearances, and a creepy appearance. This will go down as one of the greatest tragedies in gaming history—that the game was never fully realized thanks to Konami’s change in direction.