Top 10 Best Resident Evil Characters: RE Characters, Ranked

Resident Evil has spoiled us with fantastic characters over the years. These are our thoughts of the best in the series.

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Resident Evil knows how to market characters. If you were to ask any gamer about Resident Evil, ninety percent of them would likely bring up a favorite character from the series or even a name they’ve heard in passing. The amount of love and care Capcom put into the character development is underrated, especially regarding the popularity each one gets. Even infamous enemies and supporting characters become memes that everyone can enjoy, even to this day.

You can never get a list of this magnitude correct when putting the magnificent cast of the Resident Evil series on a list. Even still, it’s tough to get a list of the best characters wrong, as the majority of the cast is beloved sans a few. Fans should handle something like a ranked list with care, and as experts on the series, we’re confident that this list is good enough to stand among the best in the community. Join us as we look at the top ten best characters in the Resident Evil series.

10. Ethan Winters

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Okay, now, before you check completely out, hear us out. Yes, Ethan is not the most expressive character in the series, and yes, he’s a relatively new character in the series, but the one thing you can’t deny is that his growth between Resident Evil 7 and 8 is one of the best in the series. The most remarkable thing about his story is that, unlike many characters, he’s comfortable and consistent in what he is as a person. The man is a hero in every sense of the word, and the number of mountains he’s willing to climb to rescue his family makes him different from the rest of the cast.

9. Sheva Alomar

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Sheva Alomar is the other fresh character on the list. Sheva made her debut in Resident Evil 5 as a last-minute addition. Despite her friendly appearance, she has all the skills to keep up with all the series veterans, including Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Players warmed up to her despite the game being a massive departure from what fans expected, with the previous games focusing on horror and puzzles.

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Hunk is the first veteran on the list, and wow, is he the coolest! As a top agent for Umbrella, he’s a survivor in every way. Not too long after players escape the hellish Racoon City, we switch viewpoints to the mysterious agent that initially triggered the outbreak, albeit by mistake, as he attempts to escape his own. HUNK is mega popular due to his calm personality, fantastic weaponry, and dry wit.

7. Claire Redfield

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The first of the main playable characters on the list, Claire was a breath of fresh air when Capcom introduced her to us back in Resident Evil 2. Her non-elite combat skills and somewhat naive point of view are memorable thanks to her actresses and the fantastic story that we see from her point of view. As a sign of good faith and a conclusion to the arc that began in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica gave us a lot more Claire, and the reunion between her and her brother was heartwarming for those engrossed in her story. Here’s hoping that we see her again in future remakes.

6. Ada Wong

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If a picture could say a thousand words, this one would come as a novel. Ada Wong is the ultimate femme fatale in a world full of work for mercenaries of her ilk. She probably has the most charisma out of everyone, and when players first meet her in Resident Evil 2, some nice “romantic” tension between her and Leon soon follows. Her rising fame has just begun, with her face appearing on every piece of Resident Evil media.

5. Albert Wesker

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The original main baddie, Albert Wesker, is a superhuman in every sense of the world. He’s brilliant, skilled in combat, cool-looking, Machiavellian, and even-tempered, but that’s even before his evolution after the events of Resident Evil 1. His story has concluded in the primary universe, but the former warlord has left his evil influence behind for others to clean up, even until now. We’re excited to see what’s next for this one in the upcoming remakes.

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4. Jill Valentine

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This choice is the part of the list where things get much more difficult. Jill is worthy of being number one on any list, as in the early days of Resident Evil, her likeness carried the franchise across multiple media. As the years have passed, her notable absence from the series has cooled her jets quite a bit, and others have risen to carry the brand in her honor. As recovering Jill fanatics, we hope to see more of her in new games and a Resident Evil 5 remake.

3. Chris Redfield

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Chris Redfield is THE original leading man in the series. We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the most recognizable face in the series, as he’s been in nearly every game (directly or indirectly) other than Resident Evil 4 and Revelations 2. He even jumped to the Winters duology, despite some crazy anti-aging cream and herculean physique. Many fans are looking forward to playing as him again in the next rumored Remake.

2. Alcina Dimitrescu

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That’s right; vampire mommy has officially reached pop culture status within the entertainment industry due to her dry wit, fearsome abilities, and…huge…claws! In all seriousness, gamers and non-gamers tweaked when Alcina was initially introduced in the early trailers and demos. Her immense size was instrumental in carrying the worrisome eighth entry into success, and many argue that her absence left a hole when we graciously showed her the exit. We could have easily put her as number one, but we’re not that bold, as the number one pick is too beloved by hardcore and casuals alike.

1. Leon Scott Kennedy

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That’s right, and we decided to use his full government name because Leon is easily the most beloved and badass character in the series. Since his debut in Resident Evil 2, Leon has been a part of every critically acclaimed game in the series (We don’t count Resident Evil 6), and he’s arguably carrying all the remakes so far. The embodiment of “men want to be him, and everyone wants to be with him,” Leon is cursed with carrying the series on his back, as anything he’s in is worth checking out. The only way fans would want to see a remake of Resident Evil 6 would be to play Leon’s chapter again, as his portion was the best by far.