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The 10 cringiest games on Roblox

Things are gonna get awkward.

The nature of the Roblox platform, which allows game developers worldwide to make whatever video game they can imagine, is its greatest strength and its biggest weakness. While there are some absolute gems to find on Roblox, sometimes people make highly questionable games that make us cringe for them. If you’re looking for the cringiest Roblox games out there, we’ve got a couple to add to your list.

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The cringiest Roblox games – our top ten picks

For every great Roblox game, there are dozens of experiences out there that make us question our need for the platform in general. Many of the games on this list aren’t necessarily bad, but they will likely make you pull that face you make when something hits the cringe button in your brain. Whether it is the concept, the execution, or a mixture of both, these are the cringiest games we’ve ever seen on Roblox.

Adopt Me

Image via DreamCraft

The original concept of Adopt Me was cringe in its purest form. How do you “adopt” other players without it delving into some questionable concepts? Since then, the developers have branched out to allow players to adopt cute dogs and cats instead, but a loud subsect of their player base is clamoring for a return to the old ways for reasons that escape us. Add in a community that is rife with scammers taking advantage of the game’s young players, and you have plenty of reasons to stay away.

Beach House Roleplay

Image via iiSt3veii

There are many roleplay-based games on Roblox, and many of them are filled with people, making them highly inappropriate for young people. Beach House Roleplay is one of those, except for one important factor; there usually isn’t anyone at the beach house. Instead, you get an interface that was made to deal with dozens of people vying for attention by wearing ridiculous clothes, but no one around to use it. It would be sad if it wasn’t such a cringy Roblox experience.

generic roleplay gaem

Image via AznDibs

This Roblox experience feels like it was created by someone who has seen exactly one TV show in their entire life, and that show is Rick and Morty. Everything is wacky without purpose, with chaos at every turn. While that might make for a fun episode of an animated show, it doesn’t exactly translate into a fun gaming experience. The fact the developers don’t see that is what makes generic roleplay gaem such cringy Roblox game.

Mad Murder X

Image via Mad Studio

Creating Roblox versions of other games seems like what Mad Studios set out to do. Their Mad Paintball is just a poorly made Team Fortress 2, and Mad Murder X is their take on Among Us, but with poorly implemented mechanics. Introducing the Sheriff character gives a disproportionate amount of power to one player, making everyone else feel like cannon fodder for the Murderer. If you’re not lucky enough to spawn as the Sheriff or Murderer, you might as well just sit back and wait for death.

Pet Ranch Simulator 2

Image via Albatross Studio

Many Roblox experiences focus on a singular mechanic, sometimes making them too narrow in their gameplay. Pet Ranch Simulator 2 allows players to grow their own pets by hatching eggs, but then they don’t do anything. Once you’ve clicked on the eggs enough that a new pet is born, it doesn’t serve any purpose. Soon you end up with a room filled with critters for no reason.

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Raise a Floppa 2

Image via FLOPPA#1

There are few things in this world more cringe than a meme that doesn’t know when it is dead. Floppa was based on a floppy-eared cat that was ridiculously photogenic, which caused the internet to fall in love with it immediately. This led to countless Roblox experiences like Raise a Floppa 2, which allowed players to design and raise their own Floppa, which was fine for a while, but then the meme died, and these games just kept going. There should be lessons to be learned about building your identity around something as transient as meme culture, but we were too busy cringing at this game to learn it.

Reason 2 Die

Image via BuildingBrix

The title of this Roblox experience sounds like a cry for help, but it is actually a reference to the Left 4 Dead franchise. The reason why Reason 2 Die induces so much cringe in us is how blatant a rip-off it is. Many of the concepts are taken directly from Left 4 Dead, including the different zombie types and their powers, but they’re implemented so badly that the game feels unplayable in its current form. There isn’t anything redeeming about this Roblox experience, so it is best left alone.

Roblox High School 2

Image via Roblox High School: Fan Club

Find us someone who says they loved high school, and we’ll show you a liar. It is the worst part of any healthy person’s life, so we question why anyone would want to relieve it in Roblox form. Roblox High School 2 is an extensive map based on the basic layout of most American high schools, but what makes it so cringe is all the kids roleplaying as teenagers. The fact that there isn’t much moderation from the developers in a setting filled with underaged characters and players is even more concerning.

Stateview Prison

Image via Stateview Correctional Facility

Many things can be said about the American prison system, and not many of them are good. If you thought such a grown-up subject wouldn’t translate well to a Roblox experience, you’re right. Stateview Prison lets players be the prisoners, who are generally there to be abused by the players behind the guard characters. The objective is meant to be for prisoners to escape, but only those who can afford the premium items have any real hope of freedom. Now that we think about it, it is a lot like real-life prisons.

Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Image via AwesomeCoolZacky’s Fan Group

The concept of Welcome to the Town of Robloxia is decent. Giving players a big open world to explore is a tried-and-true game design philosophy, but sandboxes aren’t worth anything if there isn’t anything to do in them. The fact that Welcome to the Town of Robloxia is largely just an empty space is more creepy than anything else. Streets of houses that sit empty, waiting for a community of players that never developed, are all that remains of this incredibly awkward Roblox game.

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