Cruis’n Blast – All gold key locations in Death Valley

Death Valley is hiding some keys.

Image via Raw Thrills

Set in the United States, Death Valley presents a Nevadian-themed stage with patriotic flair. As you stumble through the track’s trailer parks and small towns, you’ll come across a few gold keys that will help you get new cars for Cruis’n Blast. Now, get out there and collect them, varmint.

Gold Key #1 – The highway

Screenshot by Gamepur

About 10-20 seconds into the race, you’ll see some wind turbines in the distance and a busy highway. Drive on the left side of the road when you see these landmarks and you’ll find your key.

Gold Key #2 – Near the motel

Screenshot by Gamepur

As soon as you see a piece of a train fall off and act as an arch for the track, take the right route and keep going right to find a golden key in the edge of a trailer after speeding through it. 

Gold Key #3 – Under the untextured airplane

Screenshot by Gamepur

Just as soon as you see an earthquake erupt underneath you, go to the right of the track and you’ll see a golden key underneath the cockpit of an airplane. 

These gold keys are significantly less difficult than the ones you can find in HK 2089 as there are no difficult jumps or awkward placements to speak of.