Cruis’n Blast – All gold key locations in Madagascar

Who forgot their keys?

Image via Raw Thrills

Keys are crucial in Cruis’n Blast if you want all the vehicles in the game, and Madagascar is home to three of them. In this jungle, you won’t find the likes of Alex the Lion or Marty the Zebra; instead, you’ll find these key collectibles spruced throughout the map. Most are out in the open and easy to get but the second is a bit more tricky.

Gold key #1 – Past the two ponds

Screenshot by Gamepur

This gold key doesn’t give you a chance to breathe as it appears on the first turn of the track. You can actually see it in the introductory video to the stage. Cross the two ponds that welcome you to the level, and on your left, you’ll find the first golden key as you drift. 

Gold key #2 – A crash landing in the jungle 

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s hard to stay focused on the track as there’s so much going on screen, but as you see the plane nearly crash landing into the jungle directly in front of you, go to the right of the track. You’ll see a three-pronged gate in the way. Drive through the wooden blockage on the right. This key is tough to track down, but it’s still easier to get than the majority of HK 2089’s keys.

Gold key #3 – The last jump

Screenshot by Gamepur

Towards the end of the race, you’ll be going under a boat. After that, there is a metal ramp to traverse over. The last gold key is on the right side of the ramp. Leap off of the structure to get the last key.