Cruis’n Blast – All gold key locations in Rio de Janeiro

Collect gold keys as you look upon the Christ The Redeemer statue.

Image via Raw Thrills

Rio de Janeiro is the party city of the world, so it makes sense that it’s featured in the fast-paced Cruis’n Blast. However, while collecting the gold keys, you should keep your acceleration at a slow pace so you can find all of them on the track. The first key, especially, is troublesome, but if you follow our instructions, you’ll be on your way to finding them all. Thankfully, they’re not as difficult to find as in Death Valley and HK 2089.

Key #1 – A golden glow

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is easy to miss. During the first 20-30 seconds of the track, you’ll see palm trees and a fancy, bricked building. On one of the left pillars, you’ll see a golden glow. Stay at a slow pace by intermittently pressing the A button and drive into the pillar to get the key.

Key #2 – Past the gas station

Screenshot by Gamepur

As soon as you see a gas station, go on the left path rather than the right. Above the track are Brazilian flags; if you see them, you’re going the right way. You’ll notice a few speed bumps on the road. On the right, you’ll notice a golden key awaiting you.

Key #3 – Ignore the pyrotechnics

As soon as you see some steps going down, go to the left of the track. Don’t get distracted by the pyrotechnics. On the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find the golden key. Don’t go too fast so you can obtain the key. The cash in the picture above signifies where the golden key is located.