How To Fix The No Sound Glitch In Days Gone


Days Gone does an excellent job of using sound in the game’s design. When you are riding your bike or sneaking around, you need to try to limit the noise that you make, while also paying very close attention to the sounds around you. Freakers are not exactly quiet, so you will often hear them before you see them. Sadly that makes the problematic sound glitch that people are experiencing all the more unfortunate.

How To Fix The No Sound Glitch In Days Gone

While playing the game, you might notice that the environmental sounds are missing. Your bike won’t make any noise, the usual background noise is gone, and Freakers are completely silent. It is jarring, and you will suddenly be aware of exactly how important sound is when it comes to making a game feel real, and helping us gamers get lost in the moment.

The only real way to fix this sound glitch is to restart the game. It is annoying, no doubt about it, but it appears to be all we can do at the moment to get those all important sounds working again. Make sure you quicksave before you do this. You can quicksave at your bike by just holding the Triangle button. After that, restart the game, and the audio should be working again.

I haven’t seen any acknowledgment of the glitch from Bend Studios, but I am going to go out on a limb and guess that they are aware of it, and hopefully a patch will be on the way to fix this issue.