Dead by Daylight: All Nicolas Cage Perks & How They Work

Nicolas Cage will be a Survivor in Dead by Daylight, and he will have multiple unique perks available, and this guide details how they work.

Dead by Daylight has had multiple horror icons added to the game over the years. Now, it’s added famous actor Nicholas Cage, who will be playing Nicolas Cage, a unique version of himself that has been pulled into the fog and will be attempting to survive the onslaught of deadly Killers trying to hunt him down.

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Like many survivors in Dead by Daylight, Nicolas Cage has several unique perks that he can use when he begins playing. As you continue to play this character, these perks can appear on other characters you play in the game. Here’s what you need to know about all of Nicolas Cage’s perks and how they work in Dead by Daylight.

Every Nicolas Cage Perks & What They Do

Like every Survivor in Dead by Daylight, Nicolas Cage will have three perks that he starts off with, and they will have three versions that can be upgraded as you increase his blood web. The three perks Nicolas Cage gets in Dead by Daylight are called Dramaturgy, Scene Partner, and Plot Twist.

How Dramaturgy Works in Dead by Daylight

While your Survivor is healthy in Dead by Daylight, Dramaturgy can be activated. When running, use this ability to run with knees high for 0.5 seconds and gain Haste for 25% for two seconds, followed by an unknown effect, and you’ll receive one of the following effects while using Dramaturgy.

  • Exposed for 12 Seconds
  • Gain 25% Haste for 2 Seconds
  • Scream, but nothing happens
  • Gain a random rare item in hand with random add-ons and drop any held item

You can use this ability multiple times in a Dead by Daylight match, but the same effect cannot happen twice in a row while using this ability. You do gain exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds, and you cannot use this ability while exhausted.

This ability has a lot of potential for players who want to roll the dice when using it. It’s an ideal way to escape the initial chase of a Killer, but it could have dangerous effects. If a Killer is chasing you and you gain Exposed for 12 seconds, there’s a good chance the Killer could catch you and effortlessly take you down with one hit. However, there are several benefits to using it as well, which makes it an interesting Perk in your arsenal.

How Scene Partner Works in Dead by Daylight

The next perk Nicolas Cage can use in Dead by Daylight is Scene Partner. You can activate it when you are within the Killer’s Terror Radius. When you use this ability, scream, and you can see the Killer’s aura for 3/4/5 seconds. There is a chance you can scream again, and if you do, you will see the Killer’s aura for an additional two seconds. This perk has a 60-second cooldown.

This ability has a lot of risk and reward, giving you the chance to narrow down the Killer’s position, but you also give away your location. There can be several problems with trying to use this perk if you’re sneaking around in Dead by Daylight, but if the Killer’s position is important to you, Scene Partner is a solid option for you.

How Plot Twist Works in Dead by Daylight

The last ability that Nicolas Cage can use in Dead by Daylight is Plot Twist. You can only activate Plot Twisth while you are injured. You have to press the ability button while you’re crouched and you are motionless, where you silently enter the dying state. When using Plot Twist to enter the dying state, you leave no blood pools, make no noise, and you can fully recover from the dying state. When you recover by yourself using Plot Twist, you are fully healed instantly, and you gain 50% Haste for 2/3/4 seconds.

This might be one of the best abilities that you can use on Nicolas Cage while playing Dead by Daylight. Although you are in the dying state when you use it, this ability offers a great way to recover your health points, making it harder for the Killer to take you down, and gives you the chance to avoid having to rely on other players or healing items to recover your health. I imagine we’ll see this widely used by a lot of players moving forward.

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