Who is the Next Killer in Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight’s Killers makes each Chapter so exciting, and the next one will completely change the game for the better.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

Every two months or so, Dead by Daylight gets a new Chapter. Almost every time, these Chapters add a new Killer, and the next one is always the most exciting.

As an asymmetrical horror game, Dead by Daylight relies on a mix of Killers and Survivors so the player base can continue to enjoy the procedurally generated Trials and live the terror it brings to life. Every new Chapter changes how the game feels as players dive into the new meta and work with the added Perks. Of course, it’s the next Killer, Survivor, and upcoming Chapter in general that players care about the most at any given time.

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Who is the Next Killer in Dead by Daylight With Chapter 30

Chucky is the next Killer coming to Dead by Daylight with Chapter 30. This was revealed on November 8 after a small teaser from Behaviour Interactive. Fans started discussing their dream franchise crossovers after the teaser image was released. For many, Chucky more than meets their expectations.

On November 7, 2023, Behaviour Interactive shared a teaser image featuring a set of knives with one missing. The knives on show are linked to Killers already in the game, The Trickster, The Legion, and The Clown, but no one knows who the last knife belongs to.

At the time, we guessed this Killer could be a new version of the Shape, Michael Myres, from Halloween Kills. However, the much more likely candidate was clearly Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise.

Dead by Daylight Chucky Killer Explained

Image via IMDB

A few details have been released about the Chucky Killer in Dead by Daylight ahead of his appearance in the PTB. According to an exclusive IGN article on Chucky, he uses his Slice & Dice ability to leap toward Survivors and damage them as they flee him. His small size makes it easy for him to sneak and be stealthy, so Survivors will need to stay on their toes.

The Scamper ability gives Chucky the power to leap through windows and slide under pallets. These tools will be useless against the Killer, so players will need to rethink every strategy they have for looping their pursuer.

Finally, Chucky can transform between his human and doll forms. While in his human form, he’s aided by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray. We’re unsure what that looks like, but it likely gives the Killer the power to detect Survivors at a greater range.