Who is the next Survivor in Dead by Daylight?

The next character you’ll be dead by daylight as.


Screenshot via Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel

In Dead by Daylight, four Survivors must battle for their lives against an insurmountable Killer. They can’t fight the Killer, but they can escape them by activating generators and opening the gates to escape. Each Chapter adds a new Survivor for you to play as, and this guide highlights who the next new Survivor(s) will be.

Chapter 27 Tools of Torment detailed

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The next Chapter of Dead by Daylight is called Tools of Torment, and it will be released on March 7. This Chapter brings two new Survivors to the game, Thalita and Renato Lyra, the first sibling Survivors ever released. The pair will be battling against the Chapter’s new Killer, The Skull Merchant, who uses four drones to track movement around the map and help her hunt down any Survivors stupid enough to trigger their proximity alerts.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 27 Tools of Torment Survivors

Image via Behaviour Interactive

With two new Survivors come six new perks for Dead by Daylight players to envelop into their builds. Thalita Lyra’s perks, Cut Loose, Friendly Competition, and Teamwork: Power of Two, all help players boost each other when healing or repairing generators. Renato Lyra’s perks, Background Player, Blood Rush, and Teamwork: Collective Stealth benefit other players helping you or make it possible to push yourself a little harder so you can save another Survivor in the last second. The Chapter’s patch notes show in detail how each perk works.

While teamwork is the name of the game when you’re a Survivor in Dead by Daylight, many of the existing characters have perks based on keeping themselves alive over their teammates. The Lyras are a refreshing addition and should push players to work together more, getting the generator just before the Killer approaches or helping each other out when hooked more.

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Dead by Daylight Chapter 27 Tools of Torment is live now on Dead by Daylight’s PTB. If you can’t access it, don’t worry. The Chapter will be released on March 7 to all versions of the game, giving you all the time you want to avoid drones or get butchered by the Killer behind them.