How to Join The Dead by Daylight PTB – Public Test Build

Players can try out all of the new content coming to Dead by Daylight by participating in the PTB, but they need to get into it first.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is regularly updated with new Killers, Survivors, maps, and items to complement them. However, they must be thoroughly tested before entering the game, so they spend two weeks in the Dead by Daylight PTB first.

Before a new Chapter or any content can be added to Dead by Daylight, it’s added to the PTB. This is where players can jump into a Private Test Server to try out all the upcoming changes before they go live for the entire player base. It’s also where Behaviour Interactive welcomes feedback on Dead by Daylight’s future content to make adjustments based on emerging meta or unintended impacts that don’t feel great when put to the test.

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How to join and leave the Dead by Daylight PTB

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Below, we’ve outlined exactly how to join and leave the Dead by Daylight PTB. It’s important to know how to do both because while progress from the PTB will transfer to the main game, you may not want to test everything in the PTB.

How to join the PTB

  • Open Steam and go to the Library page
  • Right-click on Dead by Daylight and click on Properties
  • A window will open up, giving you multiple options; click on the Betas tab
  • In the Betas tab, open the dropdown menu and click public-test – External Branch for Public Tests
  • Restart Steam and you will now play on the PTB the next time you launch Dead by Daylight
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This will give you access to the latest changes in the game. The test builds only last for a few days, so you have to make this change quickly if you want to experience the new content early.

How to leave the PTB

If you want to deactivate this build, return to the same path and click on the option: “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs,” and you will return to the standard build. You will need to do this to continue playing the game whenever a PTB build is not available.

When is the next update coming to the PTB?

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Chucky is coming to Dead by Daylight on November 28, 2023. However, he’s going to hit the Dead by Daylight PTB on November 8, 2023, for two weeks before that so players can test him out and play around with his abilities, Perks, and Add-Ons.

Following the two weeks on the PTB, Chucky may receive some adjustments before coming to the live game for everyone. Given how this Killer works, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s nerfed a little between the PTB and the full release so that Survivors aren’t overwhelmed by the sneaky doll in every Trial.