Dead by Daylight Survivors Icon status, explained

Learn the meaning of each status icon for you and your survivor teammates.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

When playing as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, you must keep tabs on the status of both yourself and your teammates. Survival is the only goal for this game, and you will need each other to help escape being hooked, repair generators, and lead the killer on chases. Here is a look at the survivor status icons and what it means when they appear for each.

Survivors Status icon Info


As you would expect, with the healthy status, you are at prime performance. You will not walk with a limp, and the killer will need to strike you two times to knock you down.


When a survivor is injured, they will walk with a limp and groan out in pain randomly; however, they will maintain their normal walking and running speed. This happens when they are struck by a killer one time or get caught in a trap. When saved off of a hook, you will also be put into the injured status. To go back to being healthy, you will either need to heal yourself with a medkit, or other survivors can heal you regardless if they have a medkit or not.


In the dying state, you are prone on the ground and cannot pick yourself up. Dying is the status that the killer can pick you up with to put you on a hook. If the killer does not pick you up, you can crawl away and slowly build up your healing bar to stand up to the injured state, but a teammate will need to finish it off. When you crawl away, you leave a trail of blood that the killer can follow to you. A red bar is seen underneath the icon that shows the time left until you bleed out and die, which lasts a total of four minutes.


The hooked status is applied to any survivor who has been put on a sacrificial hook by the killer. During this time, the hooked survivor is trapped on the hook until they are rescued by another survivor or escape from the hook. If they do not do so by the time the red bar runs out, they will die and be sacrificed to the Entity.

If the bar is over 50% full, the survivor can attempt to escape from the hook, which will see them jump off the hook and be put into the injured state. Doing so only has a 4% chance of success, though, and will lower the bar significantly if they fail.

When the bar is under 50%, the survivor can no longer attempt to escape by themselves and will have to struggle against the Entity to stay alive. If they do not struggle, they will immediately be sacrificed and die.

Survivors can be hooked up to a total of three times. The first time will have them start with a full bar, and they will be able to attempt to escape if they choose to. If that survivor gets off the hook and is later put on a second hook, they will immediately be in the struggle phase. If they are saved again but later put on the third hook by the killer, they will immediately be sacrificed to the Entity.


This trap denotes that a survivor is caught in a bear trap set by the Trapper killer. During this time, the survivor can attempt to free themselves, or a teammate can aid them before the killer arrives.


The sacrificed icon shows when a survivor has been sacrificed to the Entity on the hook. They are considered dead and cannot rejoin the game.

Bleed Out/Memento Mori

This icon shows that the survivor has died from bleeding out or been savagely killed by the killer using a Memento Mori offering. They were not sacrificed to the Entity.


The escaped icon shows that a survivor has escaped the playing area. This can be done by either restarting all five generators and opening an escape gate or unlocking the escape hatch and jumping through it.


If this status icon is above a player’s gamertag, the player has either left or been disconnected from the game and cannot return.


The obsession status can only be applied to at most one survivor per game. It is denoted as spider legs surrounding the status icon. These are only applied when either a survivor or the killer has special perks attached that imbue the obsession status and will affect the game in various ways for both the survivors and the killer. The effect will depend on the perk.


The broken status is denoted by a white cross crossed out in the top left of the icon panel. This shows that a survivor is under the effect of a perk or a power that will make it impossible for them to be healed back to the healthy state. The highest they can go is to the injured state.

Sleep Timer

When a transparent clock has appeared over your status icon, you are in a match against Freddy Krueger. When the timer has completed, you will fall asleep, and Freddy will be more powerful against you. You can wake yourself up by finding an alarm clock and interacting with it, or a teammate can wake you up.


When a yellow splotch appears behind an icon, a survivor has been infected by the Plague killer. Any object they touch will be infected, and eventually, the survivor will be put into the injured and broken statuses and vomit randomly unless they find a Pool of Devotion to heal themselves.

Reverse Bear Trapped

A survivor in the dying state can have a reverse bear trap put on them by the Pig killer. With the trap on them, the survivor can search for the key in jigsaw boxes scattered around the map. Once a generator has been activated, the timer on the bear trap will begin to count down on the status icon. If the timer completes or the survivor tries to escape with the countdown active, they will immediately be sacrificed. The only way to remove the trap is to find the key.


When playing against Ghost Face, the killer can stalk you, putting a red circle bar around your status icon. When the killer fills up this bar on a survivor, they can strike them down into the dying state from healthy with one hit.