Dead Island 2: Eddie’s Toolbox & Landscaper’s Keys Location

You’ll need to find a gardener if you want to open this lockbox.

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Opening a lockbox in Dead Island 2 will reward you with a new piece of gear to use in your fight against the living dead. One of the most challenging of these to open in the starting area of Bel-Air is Eddie’s Toolbox. Before you can solve the puzzle of unlocking this lockbox, you’ll need to make sure you check a few things off of your to-do list. Here is what you need to know about opening Eddie’s Toolbox in Dead Island 2.

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Where to find Eddie’s Toolbox in Dead Island 2

Eddie’s Toolbox in Dead Island 2 is located inside Emma’s compound at Bel-Air, and you’ve probably run past it a bunch of times but couldn’t figure out where the darn key was. This lockbox requires the Landscaper’s Keys, and it will drop off a named zombie. The problem is you’ve got to work your way through a decent chunk of the game to get this zombie to spawn.

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Where to find the Landscaper’s Keys in Dead Island 2

Once you’ve completed the Santa Monica district of the story, you’ll begin to see a new variety of Apex zombies called Butchers start to spawn throughout the game. This checkpoint is what you need to move onto the first step of getting the Landscaper’s Keys.

When you’re in Bel-Air, you’ll want to head to the very first house that you made your way through in Dead Island 2. It’s the house directly on the corner of Access Road 782 and Access Road 781. Out the backyard of this property near the pool, you’ll find a named Butcher zombie called Green Thumb Eddie roaming around. This is who you need to fight.

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One tip for combatting the Butcher variants is to get behind them and aim for their legs. Once you’ve dealt with Green Thumb Eddie, this undead gardener will drop the Landscaper’s Keys. Grab the keys and head back to Emmas to open Eddie’s Toolbox. Once unlocked, you’ll be rewarded with a new Dead Island 2 weapon, and hopefully, it’s something handy for all of your trouble.