Dead Island 2: How Complete Drunk and Disorderly Lost and Found

Let’s get this party started.

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Dead Island 2 is full of weapons for you to use while mutilating zombies, but there are a few that stand out. Legendary items generally have the best set of innate stats and perks, so they’re well worth seeking. The Party Starter is a set of fire-infused brass knuckles that you can get from a quest that starts at the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue. Unfortunately, Dead Island 2 doesn’t show you where this quest starts, but we have all the details for you below.

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Where to find the Lost and Found weapon quest in Ocean Avenue

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As mentioned above, the Drunk and Disorderly side quest begins in Ocean Avenue at the Serling Hotel. To find it, you’ll need to go to the first floor of the hotel and look for the back stairwell. There’s an open door on your right that leads to a bathroom. Walk in and you’ll see an interactable item on the ground. Pick it up and you’ll kick off the Lost and Found weapon quest.

Dead Island 2 Drunk and Disorderly walkthrough

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This Dead Island 2 quest will ask you to run around to a few places and murder zombies until you can track down the weapon. First, you’ll need to head to Venice Beach and find Roses Tattoos south of the Blue Crab Grill (Number 1, in the image above). Then, make your way north of the tattoo parlor to find Lenny’s. You’ll have to murder named zombies in both locations, so be on the lookout.

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With both of those notes in hand, fast-travel to The Pier and find your next note on a table outside of the Pier Grill. This will spawn several zombies, including another named Dead Island 2 zombie who drops the set of keys you’re looking for once you put him out of his misery.

Finally, you need to go back to Ocean Avenue and go past the bathroom where this all started to the underground parking lot. There’s a white SUV waiting for you that should be marked on your map. Open it and you’ll complete the quest, finally obtaining the Party Starter. This Dead island 2 weapon comes ready-made with a Superior Cremator Mod and several perks to give you your very own fire punch.