Dead Island 2: Curtis’ Valuables Safe & Key Location

Curtis has a lockbox hidden in his house, but finding the key will have you searching elsewhere.

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Opening Lockboxes in Dead Island 2 is a great way of leveling up your gear, as you’ll be rewarded with higher-tier items for solving these side tasks. The starting district of Bel-Air has a handful of safes scattered around the various luxurious houses you can explore. But finding a lockbox and opening one can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. One of these safes is owned by a survivor named Curtis, whom you’ll encounter early on in the game. Here is everything you need to know about opening Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2.

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Where to find Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2

You’ll be able to find Curtis’ Valuables Safe on the northeastern side of the first floor in Curtis’ house. The house is located right smack bang in the middle of Bel-Air, and you’ll be able to access it from Alpine Drive. This lockbox requires Curtis’ Safe Key to open, and thankfully this won’t be too far away.

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Where to find Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2

To find the key, you have to progress far enough in the story so that the special infected have started to appear, which happens when you’ve made your way to the third district.

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As the special infected begin to show up in the world, you can head back to Curtis’ house and start searching for a Screamer zombie named Crystal the Lawyer. You’ll be able to find this zombie in the guest house outside. Screamers need to be dealt with quickly, as they let out a massive shriek that calls a horde of zombies to your location. A handy way to stop Screamers in their tracks is by using an electrified shuriken, this will interrupt them while they are winding up their ability or amidst a scream. Once you’ve taken care of Crystal the Lawyer, they will drop Curtis’ Safe Key. Grab this key and head back to Curtis’ Valuables Safe to secure your reward.