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Dead Island 2: How to Complete [Redacted] Lost and Found

Put this thing on full auto.

Dead Island 2 is loaded with different weapons for you to put to use against the zombie hordes. Of course, one of the most effective types is all of the different guns littered around Hell-A. If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, there’s a Lost and Found weapon quest in Venice Beach that gets you the Legendary Bodycount rifle, which has a blinding-fast fire rate, making it a zombie-killing machine. Here’s how to start the [Redacted] Lost and Found quest in Dead Island 2 and get yourself one of the best weapons in the game.

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Where to find the [Redacted] starting location in Dead Island 2

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[Redacted] is a Dead Island 2 quest that deals with military weapons, so you’ll find the quest starting location inside the military compound at Venice Beach. Simply head to the area highlighted on the map above and you’ll notice a military barracks that you can enter. Inside, you’ll find Lt. Ford, a named zombie who has the journal entry that starts the quest. We should note that we didn’t see Ford until we’d finished the main campaign, so if he’s not there, you might have to progress further before he’ll spawn.

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How to Complete [Redacted] Lost and Found in Dead Island 2

With that in your inventory, it’s time to hunt down a few shipping crates to find the other journal entries. First, you’ll need to find Container 78. You’ll find this along the beach on this side of the military sluice gate. However, you can’t just get right in. You actually need to enter Container 75 and cross a makeshift bridge between the containers to get in and find the next Dead Island 2 journal.

This one leads you to Container 58, which is over by the Command Tower fast travel point. When you walk up to the container, zombies should pour out. Kill them and then pick up the next journal. It’ll direct you to Container 66, which is behind the Command Tower by the burn pits from the campaign. When you exit the tower from the back, turn right and follow the stash marker to the correct container and fight the Bodycount weapon waiting for you.

These Dead Island 2 Lost and Found weapon quests will reward you with some of the best murdering tools in the game. For example, after you get the Bodycount, make sure to check out the Drunk and Disorderly quest in Ocean Avenue to get some Legendary knuckle dusters.

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