Dead Island 2: How to Complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost and Found

Cash in Jo’s emergency fund.

Image via Deep Silver

During your stay in Hell-A, you’re going to need an arsenal of weapons to mow down zombies in Dead Island 2. One of the best ways to get great items is to complete weapon Lost and Found quests. However, many of these are hidden, meaning they won’t pop up unless you hunt them down specifically. Jo’s Rainy Day Stash is one of these, and you’ll need to head to Venice Beach if you want to complete it. Let’s take a look at exactly where to find the starting location and what you’ll need to do afterward.

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Where to find the Jo’s Rainy Day Stash starting location

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To kick off this Dead Island 2 quest, you’ll need to head to Jo’s Rentals. If you look on the map, you’ll notice several cartoon sharks. The rental store is found in the center of the storefronts. You can see the exact location by looking at the blue circle in the image above.

Once you get to the store, you’ll need to break in and look for a few pickups inside. You need to grab both the journal entry and Jo’s Staff Room Key to start the quest. Next, you need to find two more journal entries to get the weapon stash.

How to complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost and Found in Dead Island 2

From the Dead Island 2 rental store, you need to head south to the other cartoon shark icon. This is Jo’s Surf & Skate Rentals and you’ll find the next journal on the counter. Then, go into the parking lot behind the second rental store to run into Jo himself. Take him out and pick up the journal he drops.

With everything in your possession, all you have to do is follow the stash icon. It’s actually on top of Marlas Tapas & Tacos, so use the white van to get there. Be on the lookout for an explosive trap and two more named zombies lying in wait in front of the stash. Once you’ve dealt with them, open the stash and equip your new superior weapon.

If you want even better Dead Island 2 weapons, be sure to be on the lookout for other Lost and Found weapon quests. The Drunk and Disorderly quest found in Ocean Avenue rewards you with a Legendary weapon, so make sure to complete it once you unlock that area.