Dead Island 2: How to get Fuses

You’ll need to find a fuse to get behind locked doors for a high-tier reward.

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Dead Island 2 will see you exploring a zombie-infested Los Angeles as you make your way across a variety of different locations. As you’re scavenging, you’ll sometimes stumble upon locked doors that are operated by a Fusebox; however, these devices aren’t functional yet and are missing a Fuse. You’ll want to make sure that you get into these areas, as they generally contain high-tier gear that will increase your chance of survival as you take on the walking dead. Getting a hold of a Fuse can be a little tricky, though, as you won’t come across them as you’re rummaging for supplies. Here is what you need to know about finding a Fuse in Dead Island 2.

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Where to Find Fuses in Dead Island 2

When you run across a Fusebox that requires a new Fuse in Dead Island 2, you might think you’ll find one lying nearby around the environment. That’s not the case, though, as you can only get Fuses by spending some of the hard-earned money you’ve been saving up. Fuses can be purchased from the Traders you unlock in your playthrough. You’ll find Traders out in the world that you can interact with to buy new weapons and blueprints and sell your unwanted gear or resources.

These Traders are also your primary source of getting Fuses. A Fuse will cost you $1,500 each, and you can only hold up to a maximum of three at a time. It’s well worth stocking up on these before you go back out to start zombie slaying. And if you ever find yourself completely empty, just revisit a Trader and purchase another batch.

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Using a Fuse on a Fusebox is highly recommended if you’re looking to acquire higher-tier weapons. These rooms will contain a special crate with valuable items inside, but be warned, many of these locations we’ve visited were trapped. Avoid the traps or deal with whatever is lurking inside, and you’ll be rewarded with something nice for your trouble.