Dead Island 2: Cable Van Trunk & Key Location

Try not to get shocked when you are looking for a way to open the Cable Van.

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You’ll spend a lot of time in Hell-A scavenging for weapons to upgrade your arsenal in Dead Island 2. One effective way of doing this is by unlocking the various lockboxes throughout the many districts of Los Angeles. Bel-Air is the opening area you’ll be given the chance to explore, and potentially the first lockbox that you’ll come across is the Cable Van Trunk. To open this, though, you’ll need to find the zombie who has the key. Here is everything you need to know about the Cable Van Trunk in Dead Island 2, and how to open it.

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Where to find the Cable Van Trunk in Dead Island 2

One of the main streets in Bel-Air is Alpine Drive. This stretch of road will take you to a few different houses, and you’ll have to navigate this to progress further in the story. As you’re exploring Alpine Drive, you’ll come across an abandoned vehicle called the Cable Van – which serves as a lockbox and will reward you for unlocking it. To open the trunk, you’ll need to find the Cable Guy’s Van Key, and luckily the zombie that has this won’t be too far away.

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Where to find the Cable Guy’s Van Key in Dead Island 2

To find the key, you have to progress far enough in the story so that the special infected have begun to appear; this happens when you’ve made your way to the third district, which happens to be Beverly Hills. Once the special infected have started to show up, head back to Alpine Drive in Bel-Air.

You’ll want to explore the northern end of Alpine Drive, and this is where you will encounter the Cable Guy. This fight shouldn’t be too challenging but try to clear out any walkers in the area so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed. The Cable Guy will be a Shocker zombie, so be sure to avoid using any electric weapons, as this one will be immune to those attacks.

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After you’ve dealt with the Cable Guy zombie, they will drop the Cable Guy’s Van Key. Pick up the key and head back to the Cable Van Trunk to open the lockbox for your reward.