Dead Island 2 preorder guide – Bonuses, editions, and more

The game is very much alive.

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Dead Island 2 has been a long time coming. After being initially revealed in 2014, the game has gone through multiple developers and the development has been virtually silent until recently. We now know that the game is actually releasing in February 2023, but what if you want to preorder it? There are a few different options for preordering various editions so you can get the experience you want out of the game. Here is what you need to know about the preorder situation with Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 preorder guide

There are four total editions of Dead Island 2 that you can purchase. Additionally, there is an Expansion Pass that will include two future DLC releases of the game that will expand the story with new missions, enemies, weapons, abilities, and areas to explore.

First is the Standard Edition, costing $70. Preordering this will give you the base game and the Memories of Banoi Pack, which comes with a couple of melee weapons fashioned after the location of the first game.

The Deluxe Edition is $75 and comes with everything included in the Standard Edition, plus two character packs with a unique costume and weapon in each that we do not know about as of this writing — meaning they are probably for one of the playable characters not yet revealed. It also comes with the Golden Weapons Pack, which has Sam B’s One Hit Wonder Pistol and Abuela’s Ashes Mace.

The Gold Edition costs $90 and includes everything mentioned above, plus the Expansion Pass and the Pulp Weapons Pack, which gives you access to the Homewrecker and Eye Opener melee weapons.

Image via Deep Silver

While all of the above are available both digitally and physically, the last edition is only a physical semi-collector’s edition. The Hell-A Edition costs $100 and comes with all of the above, a steelbook, physical Venice Beach travel map, six tarot cards fashioned on the playable characters, two pin badges, and a patch.