Dead Island 2: Where to Find the GOAT Pen Master Keys

The GOAT Pen Master Keys can be hard to find, but do you really need them?

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While exploring the first major location in Dead Island 2, you’ll likely come across a mansion in Bel-Air where a group of streamers were seemingly living a luxurious life — before the zombie apocalypse happened. The GOAT Pen, as it’s self-proclaimed, is a multistory house filled with expensive equipment and toys that once captured the day-to-day of these content creators’ lives.

You might struggle to access every room in this enormous space, though, as some of the doors are locked and require some keys, the GOAT Pen Master Keys, specifically. To save you from scurrying around and looking for them, we can help you save some time. Here is what you need to know about getting the GOAT Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2 and if you really need them.

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How to get the GOAT Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2

The bad news is that you’re going to struggle to find the GOAT Pen Master Keys until you reach a certain point in the story. The good news, however, is that there is another way to access these rooms. To obtain the GOAT Pen Master Keys, you’ll have to unlock the Creature Comforts side quest, which will most likely take you a few hours to reach. During this quest, you’re tasked with going to the GOAT Pen to find a vintage bottle of wine for Curtis. This item is located in the wine cellar, but you won’t be able to access the door as it is locked by the Master Keys.

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To get the GOAT Pen Master Keys, you’ll have to find the wandering zombie who has it. The named enemy you’re looking for is called GOAT Pen Jamie. For us, they spawned on the bottom floor inside the bowling alley. Once you beat them to a pulp, they’ll drop the key for you to pick up. This will allow you easy access to the wine cellar, as well as the master bedroom located on the main floor. But there’s another way you can get into these locations without the GOAT Pen Master Keys.

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How to access the GOAT Pen wine cellar in Dead Island 2

If you want to access the wine cellar without the GOAT Pen Master Keys, then there is a much noisier way of doing so. Because the entire entrance is made out of glass, you can easily smash your way through to create your own door. However, you’ll have to be quick, as doing so will cause the security alarm to trigger in that room and nearby zombies to be alerted. To shut down the alarm, you have to smash the device located in the back corner toward the ceiling.

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How to access the GOAT Pen bedroom in Dead Island 2

The master bedroom in the GOAT Pen is another locked room that requires the Master Keys. But much like the wine cellar, you’ll be able to access this area by another means. If you head back outside to the driveway loaded with expensive cars, you can find there is a rooftop area that looks down over the backside of the house.

Head toward the side where the master bedroom is located, and if you peer down the edge of the building, you’ll be able to see a balcony with a few deckchairs. Drop down to this level, and you’ll be at the bedroom windows. Before breaking them, though, look at the wall to the right to find a security alarm that needs to be destroyed. Once this has been deactivated, you’re free to smash through the bedroom window and loot everything inside without using the Master Keys.

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