Death’s Door – How to beat The Witch of Urns (Grandma)

The witch needs to go down

Screenshot by Gamepur

Death’s Door has quite a few intriguing bosses to face, and The Witch of Urns is definitely one of them. Throwing pots and throwing out magic spells left right and center can make her challenging, but follow the tips below and you’ll be on your way to taking her down for good.

Pots, pots everywhere

Avoid the pots and when a green light hovers out of a blue pot, swing your sword and knock it back at her like a baseball bat. When the battle gets more intense, you’ll volley three blue pots at one time. Keep an eye on the green projectiles heading towards you and strike them away one by one. Hopefully, you can get one or two to hit the witch. It takes her a while to throw her pots towards you so send a fireball or an arrow to the face before you have to avoid them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Batter up

She will be dancing around the stage, so be sure to stay on your toes and dodge almost all the time. When she jumps herself into a pot, she’ll be bouncing up and down, but she’s easy to avoid in this state. What you want to watch out for is how she throws out a slew of purple projectiles. You can knock back those lights as well back to her. Knock them back three times and make a path for yourself to get through her stream of magic. Once you’ve done this process three times, there is a transition animation she does that leaves her open to attack. Get a few hits in before she continues her patterns.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a sneaky part at the end that will have her send purple projectiles at you as she leaps into the pot unexpectedly. Try to hit these back and continue to strike her down. You’ll see her body start to crack when you get closer to the end of the fight. Keep at it and you’ll finally beat the witch.