How to heal in Death’s Door

Image via Devolver Digital

Death’s Door is a challenging new indie title that will test your fortitude in combat. Eventually, you’ll be losing health and regaining it won’t be as easy as chugging down an Estus Flask in the Dark Souls series. Here is how you can heal in Death’s Door.

The power of plants

Screenshot by Gamepur

Throughout the game, you’ll be collecting seeds from enemies you fight and breakable objects in the world of Death’s Door. At pivotal moments in the level, there are flower pots that you can place a seed in. If you’re low on health, use a seed and you’ll be able to raise your health to the max. Be careful, however, as you only have so many seeds on your journey. Conserve them and you’ll succeed. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to reuse the pot straight away after one utilization. It will have to regrow after you die.

Doors open up a respite

Acting as checkpoints, opening up doors sends you back to your main hub, the monochrome office-like area. Once there, you can upgrade your crow and regain all your health from the battles before.

Crows have no pockets

Unfortunately for you, there are no potions in Death’s Door to speak of. You have to keep your wits, venture through the challenging level design, and make it from checkpoint to checkpoint. It can be tough, but it makes the game feel more rewarding by the end of each section. You can also revisit prior areas with the door system in the hub, so you can grind the currency in the game.