Destiny 2 Allegiance Quest: Vanguard or Drifter?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter introduces plenty of things to keep Guardians busy this spring. One of the notable new pieces of content on its way is the Allegiance Quest, but it arrives on March 12. When players take up this quest, Bungie has shared that players are going to have a choice, to side with Zavala or the mysterious Drifter. This decision will have consequences in the future and may restrict you to specific pieces of content, but players are required to make a choice.

Siding with Zavala

For those who stand with the Vanguards and remain loyal to Zavala, you’re going to cross The Drifter, and this choice could have consequences for you in future updates. Additionally, you’re going to receive the Warlock Aunor lore book for remaining with Zavala, and Ikora gives your character the Praxic Loyalty Package. You’re going to collect specific quest items based on this decision.

Siding with The Drifter

If you decide to side with The Drifter, you’re going to abandon the Vanguard and choose a shader path. Much like the previous choice, it could have consequences in the future when you cross paths with Zavala and Ikora. Because of your choice, you do not gain access to all of the Warlock Aunor lore book. Additionally, you’re going to collect specific quest items based on this decision.

In every choice, The Drifter remembers which side you chose. Players who make one decision on a particular character can always side with the other option on another Guardian.

The Thorn Displayed on Bungie's Roadmap

The full content of this quest releases on March 12, so we don’t have too much knowledge about the exact details of what’s going to happen. We’ll post on this page as we learn. However, we do know this quest has ties to the hand cannon Thorn exotic because on Bungie’s road map we can see the silhouette of the gun in the background. This small hint may mean they’re going to change up certain things about the gun or have the quest and weapon connect, in some significant way.

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