Destiny 2 – Altar of Sorrows Guide – How To Get Access To The Pit Of Hersey Dungeon

Destiny 2

A new event has arrived on the Moon in Destiny 2’s most recent update. The Altar of Sorrows is pretty much the Moon version of Escalation Protocol. To get access to it, you will need to visit Eris Morn and have the Shadowkeep storyline finished. She will have a mission waiting for you, and you can then jet off to Sorrow’s Harbor to complete it.

Destiny 2 – Altar of Sorrows Guide

Altar of Sorrows

The starting point for the Altar of Sorrows comes up on your director’s map. You should be able to see giant green spheres of energy on all the altars in the area. The event boils down to destroying all the Nightmares that come out of the spheres. You’re going to progress through each Tier to get to a higher level, and each level increases the number of Nightmares you need to kill.

Towards the end, Wizards will start to spawn that are protected by shields, and you will need to kill the sword-wielding Knights to get a weapon that can break the protection. You also need to kill the Nightmares pretty quickly because you need to stop them from walking the one sphere to the other. It sounds a little more complicated than it is, but it mostly boils down to killing everything.

For the mission you need to complete, you only need to kill 20 Nightmares and reach Tier 3. But the event itself will go to Tier 5, and then culminate in a final fight against a boss on the central altar near the Shadowkeep itself. I assume these will be rotating bosses, and this week it is the Nightmare of Phogoth.

The usual Nightmare boss fight rules apply. From time to time, he will become invulnerable and spawn in other Nightmares. You will need to kill them before they reach the spheres to be able to damage Phogoth again. If you can take him out, you will get some sweet loot. You should know this event is dropping new, event-specific loot.

When you finish, head back to Eris and hand in your mission. Now, you’re going to have access to the new Pit of Heresy dungeon! Dungeons are large-strikes, or small Raids, depending on your argument. You need three players to make it through, much like the Shattered Throne. The Pit of Heresy will show up on your map in the Director, so head for Sorrow’s Harbor again to get to it.