Destiny 2 – How To Find And Kill The Arcadian Chord

 Destiny 2 – How To Find And Kill The Arcadian Chord

Image via Bungie

The fallout from the destruction of the Prison of Elders is felt every week in Destiny 2, as Spider always has plenty of bounties for us. One of the escaped inmates he wants us to track down this week is the Arcadian Chord. First, you have to visit Spider on the Tangled Shore and grab the bounty from him.

Where To Find The Arcadian Chord

Arcadian Chord Location

You can find the Arcadian Chord on Nessus, in The Tangle. Just spawn in at Watcher’s Grave then hop on your Sparrow and make your way there. When you have the Bounty, there will be an icon on the map showing you where to go, so it is pretty easy to find. Just make sure you interact with the mission post in the game world, and it will direct you into a nearby Lost Sector.

When you go in, you will need to fight your way through to the end, and there are a lot of enemies here. This is a good thing, as you want a full Super before you arrive at your prey. Just kill your way through the area, and you will arrive at the Arcadian Chord’s location. Above his head, there will be a blue orb that you will need to kill to activate him. Destroy the cube, then do as much damage to him as you can.

Blue Cube

His shields will eventually come back up, and you will need to find and destroy two more blue cubes to drop them again. There will also be a lot of enemies spawning, so it can get a little hectic. If you have a high power level, it should be no issue for you. Just keep tracking down the cubes, dropping his shields, and then burning his health bar away with your weapons.

When you finally kill the Arcadian Chord, be sure to hand in the bounty from your pursuits tab to get your Powerful Gear.