Destiny 2 – Cache Codes – How To Finish The EDZ Lost Territory Bounty

Destiny 2

Devrim Kay likes to hang out in the EDZ in Destiny 2, and he will give out bounties daily. One such bounty is called Lost Territory, and Devrim wants you to find Cache Codes. In this guide, we will run through where to get them and how to use them.

Destiny 2 – Cache Codes – How To Finish The EDZ Lost Territory Bounty

Lost Sector Marker

To get Cache Codes, you first need to find Lost Sectors. Lost Sectors are areas of the map marked by Hunters as being worth exploring for loot. The good news is that there is a Lost Sector right below the church. Head towards the rear of the building, and you will see the sign marked above. The entrance is to the right of it, the trapdoor in the ground.

Lost Sector Boss

Once you find a Lost Sector, you can head inside. It’s filled with plenty of enemies, so prepare to fight. Work to the end of the Lost Sector, and you will come to a large group of enemies, and a yellow bar enemy, often called a Major. You’re also going to find a sizeable orange loot crate.

Cache Codes

If you try to open the loot crate without the Cache Code, you get told you need a boss Cache Code to get it open. To get the Cache Code, all you need to do is kill the yellow bar enemy. You automatically receive the Cache Codes to open the crate after it dies. Inside, you will find some sweet loot, potentially giving you a little power boost.

If you wish to find other Lost Sectors, look at your in-game map and look for the symbol. We also have a useful guide providing you with the locations of many Lost Sectors in the game.

After the boss dies, you can run back out of the Lost Sector. When you see the name of the area in the bottom left corner of the screen change, you can go back in to do it again. This reset makes it possible to farm Lost Sectors.

To complete the Lost Territory Bounty, kill the boss and get the Caches Codes twice, then you will be able to hand in the bounty from your Quests screen.