How to Collect Chocolate Strange Coins in Festival of the Lost 2020 – Destiny 2

An event exclusive currency.

Chocolate Strange Coins are a limited-time currency you need to earn during Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2020 event. These coins are a currency you into event coordinator Eva to receive various items and masks she has available on her vendor.

There are a variety of methods for you to collect these coins, and returning veterans of 2019’s event likely have a good idea of what they need to do. But it never hurts to refresh yourself, especially since Bungie likes to add in a few new surprises to their seasonal escapades. The most efficient method is to approach Eva and acquire one of the available bounties she’s offering for you to undergo. Many of them require you to be wearing a Festival of the Lost mask while performing an event, such as fighting other Guardians, hitting them with a grenade, rocket launcher, sword, or playing in a particular game mode.

Another method for you to receive Chocolate Strange Coins is to complete the Haunted Forest. It’s the exclusive area that releases alongside the Festival of the Lost event, and the faster you complete it, and the more levels you make it through, the more coins you receive. You’re also expected to collect candy as you progress through the area, another currency to add to your inventory to purchase exclusive items from Eva.

Make sure to bring as many friends as possible to help make it through the forest. The further you go, the more rewards you can receive before the Festival of the Lost 2020 event ends on November 3.