Destiny 2 – Complete Guide to The Farm

Destiny 2
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Social spaces in Destiny have always played a big part. It’s where you come after a raid to sort through the endless heaps of loot you received, yelling at the Cryptarch for giving you yet another duplicate. It’s also where you compare yourself to other Guardians, pick up new missions, re-arm, and kick around a soccer ball for no reason at all. Of course, this tradition of social spaces will continue in Destiny 2, and there are signs that the experiences there will be bigger and better than what we’ve seen in the past.

Guardians got to visit a total of three social spaces over the reign of the first Destiny game; The Tower, The Reef and, most recently, Felwinter Peak. Thanks to IGN, we have received the first glimpse of the new social space in Destiny 2: The Farm. In this guide, we will familiarize you with everything that you can expect to encounter there, from who will be selling you gear and offering you missions, to the fully scored soccer system, and chickens. Yes, chickens.

What is The Farm?

The Farm is where Guardians will find themselves early on in Destiny 2, after the Cabal have kicked them out of the Last City. We’ve all seen what happens to the Tower, so The Farm is where humanity is taking refuge.

Aside from the various traders, NPCs, and of course some familiar faces, The Farm will hold up to 26 Guardians at a time. This is a welcome increase from the limit of 16 players enforced by Destiny. According to Bungie’s Ryan Ebenger, the social space will evolve with the story, growing in size and population.

Who can be found at The Farm?

The Farm is packed with civilians, fellow Guardians and of course vendors and NPCs. Below is who you can expect to find at the farm.

Suraya Hawthorne – Clan Steward

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Hawthorne is the overseer of The Farm and originally brings you there after you barely escape the Cabal’s attack on the Last Tower. She’s also responsible for Clan Banners and is known as the Clan Steward.

Tyra Karn – Cryptarch

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Tyra Karn has made her way down from Felwinter’s Peak and is at The Farm to provide engram decryption services. Be nice to her, you never know how much influence Cryptarchs have over the result of an engram decryption.

Tess Everis

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

No social space would be complete without providing the ability for Guardians to give Bungie more money. Tess has somehow come through the attach unscathed and is peddling her wares at The Farm now.

Darby 55-30 – Postmaster

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

The Postmaster’s role may be underappreciated but he serves a vital role in ensuring any lost loot makes it way to you.

Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40 – Gunsmith

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Lord Shaxx is on hand to provide guidance and encouragement in the Crucible, and Arctire 99-40 offers his gunsmithing services.

The Vault

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Though not technically an NPC, the vault provides a vital service for all Guardians. You may not have to visit it as often if you use the Destiny Companion App, however.


Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

After progressing far enough into the Campaign, Cayde-6, along with Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala, will join The Farm. Cayde-6 will sell Scout Reports, a consumable, which will mark hidden treasure chests in various locations for Guardians.

Ikora Rey

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Ikora Rey will act as a faction reputation vendor where you can turn in completed Meditations and Vanguard Research Tokens.

Commander Zavala

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Commander Zavala takes over your Vanguard reputation ranking at The Farm. You will gain reputation by completing Strikes and Challenges to him, as well as Vanguard Tactician Tokens.

Other Activities at The Farm

Guardians can do more than just hang out with their clanmates while waiting for the next Raid or Strike to begin. There is a soccer field with two fully functional goals which can make the waiting time go by faster.

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Outside of that, there is also a hidden jumping puzzle which can be triggered by acquiring Sentry 4 at the fire pit. For details on how to achieve the Scouting Commander buff, have a look at our guide.

Scannables at The Farm

There are a total of four scannable objects at The Farm. They tend to be bed rolls or sniper perches, clearly once used by Hawthorne’s team to protect the location. In order to reach one of them, you will need to gain at least Sentry 4, which gives you increased jumping abilities.

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm Destiny 2 - Complete Guide to The Farm

Now that you know everything there is to know about The Farm, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more guides.