Destiny 2 – Crimson Days Event Guide

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Crimson Days is a Destiny 2 Valentine’s Day themed event. The event will include a reworked Crimson Days Crucible mode, activity specific Milestones ,and newly themed consumables. The event will begin on Tuesday, February 13, and shall run for a week, ending on Tuesday February 20.

Crimson Days Features

The Burnout
The BurnoutBungie • Licensed by Owner

The Crimson Doubles Crucible event will return. A 2v2 mode, Guardians who stay together are rewarded with faster recharge rates for their abilities. Guardians who split up do so at their peril, as the enemy team will then be given map waypoints to their location.

The Destiny 1 PvP map The Burning Shrine shall return. Now called The Burnout, it has been reworked and set in a timeline where the Vex have succeeded in their plan to alter our reality.

Players can earn Crimson Engrams by leveling up. They also have a chance to drop from Crimson Days Crucible matches. It should be noted that these event specific Engrams cannot be purchased with Silver, Destiny 2’s in-game premium currency. These Engrams will be earned alongside Illuminated Engrams, instead of replacing them. So each time you level up that is double the loot!

Crimson Days loot will also be up for grabs. This loot is available from Crimson Engrams, certain activity rewards, and can also be purchased directly from Eververse. There will be no duplication of drops, so each piece of loot will be new. All Crimson Engram loot can be dismantled for Bright Dust, including the Shaders. This means that once you have exhausted the loot table, you can break down any and all duplicates into valuable Bright Dust.

There will be a special emote, known as Flaunting Dance, that players can get by completely a Nightfall Strike. Players will also be able to get a special Wadcliff Coil ornament by completing a Raid activity.

That’s it for this guide, Guardian. I hope you have fun during Crimson Days! If you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our Destiny Guide Hub.