Destiny 2 Drifter Tape Locations

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Bungie has decided its time for the Guardians of Destiny 2 to make choices they didn’t think they had to before in the new Allegiance quest line. A player must choose between siding with the Vanguard or the mysterious Drifter. Those who pick the Drifter go down a different path line than those who side with the Vanguard. Eventually, the Drifter sends the player out to find secret tapes he hid on different worlds. Unfortunately, the quests have limited text and hints for players to use to locate these objects. This guide will make it far easier to find these tapes, allowing you to advance.

Drifter Hidden Tapes

Tape 1 – Winding Cove

Destiny 2 Winding Cove Drifter Tape Location

Let’s start with the easiest one. When you head to the Winding Cove, make sure to spawn at the location listed above because you’re going to find the tape nearby. Once you spawn, go forward, and you should see a small tool chest sitting atop a hill not far from the starting location. You’ll find the tape you need to examine with your ghost, and then you can proceed to the next one.

Tape 2 – Flooded Chasm

Destiny 2 Flooded Chasm Hidden Tape Location

Because you’re already so close to this one, you may as well head north on the map to a location called the Flooded Chasm. Go through the small hidden pathway and proceed through the cave. The space is small, but there are plenty of little lights to illuminate your path. Once you’re through the other end, you’re going to be greeted by a massive wave of Drag. You can ignore them. You need to jump forward, straight into them and follow the path up over the small vantage point and then jump over to a rocky platform where they have various machines hooked up. Have your ghost examine the device right in front of the large, black pointy object, and you should have your next tape.

Tape 3 – Sojourner’s Camp

Destiny 2 Sojourner's Camp Hidden Tape Location

You’re going to find this location to the south of the Outskirts region. Enter the area, and then proceed to the right and follow as close to the right side of a cliff as you can. You’ll find yourself in the middle of an abandoned camp where you can potentially run into Fallen adversaries, but you can make short work of them, or ignore them. What you’re looking for is located under the yellow tap, in a small tool chest. Approach the tool chest, and grab your next tape.

Tape 4 – Scavenger’s Den

Destiny 2 Outskirts Tape Location

For those following this guide’s path location to location, head back up north to the Outskirts region for the next tape. You’re going to find the next prize inside the sewers, underneath the waterfall with the Lost Sector symbol painted in front of it. Proceed into the drain, keeping to the right side at all times. Eventually, you’ll arrive in a more open, illuminated cave, and again, you want to the keep to the right. Follow through the next series of caves to find another small Fallen patrol, which you can ignore. Make your way inside the infested cavern, and the piece of equipment you want your ghost to examine is right in the middle of where the large spot of light is pointing, in front of the purple tarp. Approach the computer, and you’ll have the next tape.

Tape 5 – Trostland

Destiny 2 Trostland Tape Location

Here’s another easy tape location. You jump on over to the Trostland spawn location, and it’ll make finding the next one extremely easy. As soon as you arrive, rush forward and enter the small abandoned sub-way area, to the left of the church. There’s going to be a few Fallen in there, but you don’t need to kill them to interact with the object as soon as you’re inside, to the right and you should have the opportunity to examine a small pile of debris. This area is completely dark, so you’ll know you’ve found it when the Investigate icon pops up.

Tape 6 – Skydock IV

Destiny 2 Skydock IV Drifter Tape Location

You’re going on a journey this time. You need to go all the way to the northwest part of the map to the Sunken Isles area to find Skydock IV, where the second-to-last tape is. Enter the mammoth structure, rushing past the Red Legion guards protecting the entrance, proceed inside, down the elevator shaft. Go forward, and then to the left, and continue following the left-most path.

Eventually, you’ll see a handful of Legionaries guarding an open hole, which you need to jump down. Go all the way to the bottom, turning around and continue deeper into the structure. Again, you need to rush past the Legionaries shooting at you and go to the left. You’ll know you’ve reached the end of your journey where there’s a glowing red panel in front of a pillar; like the others, investigate it, and you’re moving on to the final tape.

Tape 7 – Excavation Site XII

Destiny 2 Excavaction Site XII

You’re on to the final Drifter tape location. You’re going to find the entrance to the Excavation Site XII alongside a hill, with a few Red Legion guarding the door. Head inside and dash your way through their ranks, as there’s going to be several patrols wandering around. You’ll see a bridge you need to pass, and keep to the left as much as possible. Again, there are several Red Legion in this area, so taking them out may help your cause. After you’ve dealt with them, there’s a terminal next to the left of the large gate. Go around the side of it, and investigate it. You should have the final tape, and you’ve finished the quest.