Destiny 2 – Make Bows Not War – Economics of War Strike


Destiny 2‘s weekly reset has begun, and players are back in the thick of it completing their quests and getting a series of things done to earn higher level gear to raise their light level. There’s also a new exotic quest available from Banshee-44, called Make Bows Not War. You can check out our guide about how to start it over here. There’s a specific quest step in it called Economics of War, where players need to complete a specific strike. Here’s what you need to do during this step.

Destiny 2 – Make Bows Not War – Economics of War Strike

You’re going to receive this quest step following the completion of Advanced Safe Cracking 201, where you were killing Cabal or Vex with precision strikes using a bow. That quest step is relatively open-ended, allowing players to explore the galaxy to find the best locations to kill either enemy. The Economics of War quest step, though, is far more specific.

To do this quest, return to Orbin in your ship and go to the Destinations tab. From there, you need to return to the European Dead Zone on Earth. You’re looking for the strike located in the middle of the map on the left side called The Arms Dealer. You can take a fireteam with you to complete it, or you can let the game matchmake you with other Guardians. Although, you’re going to want to be around light level 900 to properly compete in this strike, which means you’re going to need to finish the main story in Shadowkeep to jump in.

However, this is misleading. The new strike is challenging, and you’re going to want a team with a light level of around 940 to 950 to beat it. Make sure you bring some well-equipped friends on your fireteam.

The Arms Dealer Strike in the EDZ in Destiny 2

Jump into the strike, and you merely complete it. There’s no time limit or unusual for you to do while you play it. You need to do it from start to finish successfully, and then the quest should update.

However, completing the quest is no easy feat. You’re going to find this strike a high degree more challenging than average. The beats remain the same. You’re going to attack a Cabal base and run after Bracus Zahn. After you chase him, you’re going to face him a huge boss battle. He’s a tough nut to crack, with several phases. When you go up the elevator to engage him, he’s going to call down several orbital strikes. These red beams are going to damage you while they charge, but then they fire they’re going to deal even more damage. Avoid these and keep moving around the field.

During the battle, when you get him nearly at the end of the bars of his health, he’s going to teleport to a platform and fire sniper shots at you. Hit him from a distance, and then he’s going to fire a flare into the air and get a shield around him. Shortly after this, a dropship is going to fly in and remove a barrier from a small molten core, which you need to grab. Have you or one your teammates grab it and dunk it in its respective exhaust port. You’re going to need to do this twice, and then take out Bracus.

Finishing this quests turns the Make Bows Not War quest in your journal change to Applied Cryptosecurity and has you return to Banshee for the final part of the Exotic questline.

Good luck, Guardians, and enjoy your new bow when you get it. You’re nearly there!