Destiny 2 – What Is The Epic Mystery Grab Bag?

Destiny 2

The Festival of the Lost has started in Destiny 2, which means Eva is now hanging out in the courtyard, the Haunted Forest is back, and there are new Triumphs to complete. One of the Triumphs, Sweet Surprise, wants you to buy a Mystery Grab Bag and an Epic Mystery Grab Bag to complete it. But where do you get them, and what do they contain?

Destiny 2 – What Is The Epic Mystery Grab Bag?

You can purchase both the Epic Mystery Grab Bag and the Mystery Grab Bag from Eva in the courtyard. You will need Candy to get them, with the Epic version costing 300 Candy, and the standard version costing 150 Candy. You will need to buy one of each to complete the Sweet Surprise Triumph.

Outside of the Triumph, they are not worth getting. The Mystery Grab Bag will drop a blue item, and the Epic Mystery Grab Bad will drop a Legendary, or perhaps a mod. Anything that comes from these bags will be easily obtainable just by playing the game, and you will be better off saving your Candy for something else if you have no interest in the Triumphs.

The Festival of the Lost did introduce all kinds of other new content you might be interested in. There is a new Exotic Quest for the Xenophage, a new Public Event, and Dungeon on the Moon, and the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle that you can earn from running the Haunted Forest.

Enjoy the Festival of the Lost, Guardian! And remember, it is probably best to dodge those Mystery Bags unless you are Triumph hunting.