Destiny 2: Exotic Kinetic Weapon Tier List

As the mainstay of your arsenal, Kinetic Weapons is always around when you need a shoulder to lean on. But what about the exotics?

Image via Bungie

Kinetic weapons are the tried and true of Destiny 2, especially among newer players still figuring out how to maintain comfortable ammo counts. However, there are a wealth of options to pick from, and some will be a better option than others when gearing up for an adventure.

To help Destiny 2 players in their decision-making, we have compiled a tier list of some of the best Kinetic weapon choices in the game. They have been broken down into S, A, and B ranks to help players select exotics that best fit their playstyle.

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Kinetic Exotic Tier List

Image via Destiny 2: Item Analytics
SWish-Ender, Witherhoard, Osteo Striga, Quicksilver Storm, Conditional Finality, Izanagi’s Burden, Malfeasance
ARevision Zero, The Huckleberry, Traveler’s Chosen, Ace of Spades, Cryosthesia 77K, Dead Man’s Tale, Forerunner, Monte Carlo, No Time to Explain, Rat King, Final Warning, Bad Juju, Bastion, Crimson
BCerberus+1, Hawkmoon, MIDA Multi-Tool, Sturm, The Jade Rabbit, The Last Word, Vigilance Wing, SUROS, Regime, Sweet Business, The Chaperone
Kinetic Exotics

Tier S

Image via Destiny 2: Item Analytics

S-tier weapons are diverse in both number and use. A few of them are “quite popular,” like the Wish-Ender, which has received a buff for its damage against anti-barrier champions. Another good point about this tier is the Osteo Striga, which has a nice poison ability that can clear ads reliably. Conditional Finality is another good one we see around the net, with its dual barrels of stasis and solar damage.

Tier A

Image via Destiny 2: Item Analytics

Some of the weapons in the A-tier are similar to old-school Halo in how they look and perform. Take, for instance, the Cryothesia 77k, which plays similarly to the Needle Gun, as it can charge shots. The Rat King, true to its name, is better in a pack of players who are using it. The Ace of Spades could have easily made the S tier, but the most use you’re going to get out of it is in PvP.

Tier B

Image via Destiny 2: Item Analytics

Despite being at the bottom, I’m obligated to point out that the B-Tier is not an indication of useless weapons. You’ll notice that options like the Hawkmoon are listed here, while in others they’re at least A-tier. This is because of the difficulty vs. reward factor, as the Hawkmoon requires a lot of skill in Destiny 2 to reach its full potential. Compare that to the Crimson, which has big damage potential as well with its 3-round round-burst, with the addition of healing, and can be used effectively with a controller.